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AddShoppers Social Marketing Apps

AddShoppers Social Marketing Apps

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Price: Custom Free Trial: 17 days More info
  • Track ROI of social sharing per product SKU
  • Increase sharing with social coupons and promos
  • Recover lost sales with brand new Social Retargeting and Facebook Retargeting apps.

Over 10,000 retailers know AddShoppers is the best social sharing platform for eCommerce. Reward sharing, identify Influencers, and track your shop's social activity including ROI all the way to the SKU level.

We increase sharing with our Social Promo Callouts™ and measure ROI with just a few snippets of code, free.

What can you do with AddShoppers?

  • Easily add smarter sharing buttons to your shop, then watch the increase in traffic from social sharing

  • Track your shares, see which social networks drive traffic and sales, and discover the value of social actions

  • NEW!: Win back lost customers with brand new Social Retargeting and Facebook Retargeting apps.

  • See your most Pinned, shared, Wanted, Liked, products

  • Allow your customers to share their purchases

  • Dynamically feature trending and popular products on a social, Pinterest-style Discovery Wall

  • Replace the tedious registration process for your users with our easy Social Shopper Login app

  • Lower shopping cart abandonment

  • Increase conversion rates

Tools that we use to help you succeed:

  • Niche Shop.pe URL shortener

  • Google Analytics integration

  • Integrations with marketing platforms such as Bronto and Listrak

  • Easy 5-minute installation

  • Weekly or monthly email summary reports

  • Beautiful reporting dashboard displaying all your social statistics

Our apps that make your store social

  • Smart Sharing Buttons

  • Social Rewards

  • Social Analytics

  • ROI Tracking

  • Purchase Sharing

  • Discovery Wall

  • Social Sign In

  • NEW!: Social Retargeting

  • NEW!: Facebook Retargeting

Some live examples of our apps

Don't just read about them, see them in action!

What retailers are saying:

"After setting up AddShoppers and incentivizing people to share, we are already collecting extremely valuable data, driving new social conversations, and acquiring new customers at a nominal Cost Per Acquisition. AddShoppers brings Ecommerce social media marketing to a whole new level." - FairwayStyles.com

"THANK YOU AddShoppers! With your help we now have full transparency into what products our customers are sharing and where. Kudos for the simple integration and extra clean interface. My brother and I still can’t believe we’re getting this type of analysis for free!" - ClassWatch.com

"We never knew what a Facebook share or a tweet was worth. Now we can put a $ amount to it and encourage more sharing." - AlevaStores.com

AddShoppers Social Marketing Apps reviews (25)


I can't tell you about the app, but I can comment on the deceptive marketing.

Shopify is promoting this app as FREE. This app is NOT free. When you click on the developer website link, it takes you to their support page, not their sales page. Only after you install it and allow it to modify your core files does it tell you that it costs $17 per month minimum.

I don't mind them charging a fee for a service, just be up front about it. And now I can't figure out how to remove the coding from my core files.


This is great app i have to learn a bit more about this as i am not good on IT, but it was very easy i manage to install itand is work i can see all my clicks. look good love it, It's working great and it's free is a good help thanks guys
gina mums-kidsworld.com


Wonderful App and even better customer support!


great support for implementing the app on my store. highly recommended


It's working great and it's free. Its really easy to setup and install


Very surprised this app has only 19 reviews, this should have hundreds of positive reviews, believing that social sharing buttons are all the same, this app changed my view completely about social presence for our store, if you are truly serious about social media and leveraging social sharing buttons, addshoppers is the only app to offer such powerhouse of tools. keep up the good work.


I just added the app, the functionality, analytics and the amount of additional add-ons you can add at your choice really makes this app amazing. I can wait to put it use and see all the data come in. I had some issues adding the script and logo URL, but Peter was a really great help with sorting everything out, plus his response time is really on point.


So far, so great! I've made some money with this app and it was fairly easy to set up!


Highly recommended app


Super great app, highly recommended. Easy to set up and very insightful.

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This app is a FREE 17 day trial of our Pro account features. The app will remain free if no billing information is added to your AddShoppers Dashboard and you will be downgraded to a Community level account. However, if you like the features of the trial you can continue as a Pro user by simply adding your billing details to your account.

Have more questions? Email help@addshoppers.com.

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