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  • Perfect for shops offering product rentals, course bookings, ticketed events or as a reservation system
  • Real-time availability lets customers choose dates/times right on your product pages
  • Embed a calendar into your store to display product schedules

Have products for hire (rental), run courses or want to be able to take reservations using products from your Shopify store? BookThatApp tracks orders and maintains a bookings calendar for your products. Our easy to use calendar let's you see at a glance your bookings on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. BookThatApp features real-time availability showing what products are available based on the inventory you specify in Shopify.

Dear Mikko Melander of Imbibe Tours

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Our app checks real time availability on the product page and we have yet to have an overbooking complaint from the large active user base of our app.

Our response to you regarding checking availability on the cart page was that it was a major development change. We did not state that "it is a concern that we are unwilling to address".

We actually stated that this feature was on our long term road map. Feature requests are prioritized based on customer feedback and there are currently several features that are of a higher priority based on customer demand.

We then offered you a solution that we've used for several other customers with similar applications that would actually provide a better customer experience (adding to the cart once instead of multiple times) and prevent overbooking. However, you were not interested in the solution offered.

I have no issues with factual reviews, but when reviews contain inaccurate information, we feel it's only fair to correct them.

Shopify Concierge

Our company is an online tour booking company. The app performs as stated per all the previous postings except one major flaw in the coding. This app only verifies the existing inventory when an item(s) are placed in the cart. It does not verify the existing inventory against what has been already placed in the cart and if the customer adds to the cart with the same item the app will allow overbooking of the item or tour beyond the maximum that has been setup in the app.

Try it out on your own product page, enter the maximum number of items you have available to your cart, then add it again and again and again. It will keep adding to the cart and allow the customer to check out. This will cause overbooking of our tours and a customer nightmare. We have brought this to the developers attention and they stated it was not a concern they were willing to address.

I have researched this and spoke with other developers, the calls for the cart items are provided by Shopify and verifying this information would be a simple fix. If you are booking limited quantities with this app be aware of this short coming and the possibility of overbooking.

Our rental business requires a system that can manage availability, different locations, added extras and multiple rates based on how long customers rent for.

This is no easy task. But BookThat App can handle the challenge. We had a few initial bugs. And this is where the real strength of BookThat App comes in. Christine and Gav did a stellar service job to rectify the bugs in no time. They understood our business needs and acted swiftly. A fantastic service, which I would highly recommend.

Thanks again!

Excellent product. And the staff is very helpful with getting it customized to our needs.

They still need an import export option for the product integration. We have a client using bookthat app and everytime they make a change to a product and add a variant we have to remove and readd the product to book that app. This is not that big of a deal, but it also removes all the rentals on the calender for that product. Since there is no bulk upload feature, it would take forever to put them all back. Their team is responsive and offers great support. I am giving this a smiley face, but it does need some additional features.

We are using the BookThatApp with great success. We are new at Shopify so we got the team at BookThatApp to help us get it all set up. It was a great time saver. They have been very responsive to our needs. Very happy and we would highly recommend you give them a go.

This is a great rental app! The customer service is fantastic, and this app is a must have for anyone interested in creating a rental store.

This is a must-have app for all those who run a business based on reservations/rentals/bookings etc... Very straight-forward and easy to use once it has been installed. ( i personally needed someone to install it all for me). Gavin is always willing to help and quick to do so! Thank you =)

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