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Canada Post

Canada Post

  • Live shipping rates on checkout for customers
  • Print shipping labels for your orders
  • Tracking page for customers to monitor their orders

    Canada Post Special Offer: Receive $100 of free shipping!

    Receive $100 of free shipping from Canada Post when you connect your Shopify store with a new or existing Canada Post account for the first time during the promotion eligibility period: April 14 to Sept. 30, 2014. See rules and regulations

  • Allows merchants to track and print shipping labels through a centralized interface that is directly integrated with their Shopify store.
  • Merchants can provide accurate Canada Post shipping rates to their customers during the checkout process.
  • Allows for easy setup/onboarding process through existing or new Canada Post business profile accounts.
  • Allows merchants to print shipping labels for their orders with a default set of options or to override different options on a per package basis, and pre-set box dimensions.
  • Give merchants custom control over label options, such as shipping method override, delivery confirmation required, insurance, ID on delivery, etc..
  • Provides custom tracking page for each package that can be sent to the customer when an order is fulfilled.
  • **Free real-time carrier shipping included for all VentureOne members.**

See docs.shopify.com/support/settings/shipping/canada-post-app for a Getting Started Guide and FAQ.

Only VentureOne program members can use the app right now. Commercial parcel agreement accounts can be used when linking an account through the app but will receive errors when you attempt to print a label. For customers with a Canada Post volume-based commercial parcels agreement, we recommend ShipStation or Ordercup.

* Requires real-time carrier shipping. Discuss adding this to your existing Shopify plan, contact our support team at 1-888-746-7439 or guru@shopify.com.

I'm losing money.
- I contacted the app developer about one situation: the shipping price the app charges my client is different than the price I pay Canada Post. In other words, the client pays me X$for the shipping (it's the price the app gives to the client) but when I print the label, the App charges me usually X + 2$ or X + 3$. So, for each order I throw 2$ at the garbage.
- It's been one week since I contacted the support (with screenshots). No answer yet.

Faster than PayPal shipping labels however there are a few downsides:

- No discounts on expedited parcel rates like there are via PayPal.
- You can't change the value of items for customs, also the value is printed in the currency of the country it's going to but still with a "$" sign regardless of how that country signs their currency. Confusing.
- You can't change the weight of the parcel after the order is placed, meaning if you accidentally overcharged for shipping you can't ship it more cheaply and/or refund the customer who paid excess shipping costs.
-Canada Post labels take up an entire page of 8.5" x 11" paper with the bottom half of the page a "receipt" even though the labels are pdfs that can be easily saved on your computer, making it unnecessary to print them. I would love to be able to use my 4" x 6" label printer for these labels like I do with USPS.

Would love this app if those few things could be tweaked!

This app satisfies its main objective - offering real-time shipping info for the user. However, I found it to be problematic when trying to print shipping labels at times. Overall it's been useful, but we sell rare fossils and minerals - many of which are heavy - and it can be a bit of a pain to have shipping rates slightly off. To my knowledge, it only factors in weight and not the dimensions of the parcel. So, for other stores with heavy items, you might want to be careful...

So I have orders but I can't fill out customs information needed to print out a label. I'm really frustrated with how this app works

The app is actually pretty great. THe problem is that it will override any settings that you may have had in the system.

For example, if you've altered the pricing by province or adjusted the overall rate by %, it will ignore all of that.

I have found that the actual shipping price is almost never what is displayed to the consumer.

I uninstalled it for now. But if there is a fix on the way, you can guarantee I'll be installing it again. At the very least it's a HUGE timesaver. No more copy paste from window to window.

We would love to use this app if it was available for commercial accounts and not just Venture One accounts. Venture One is more expensive than the type of account we have so we won't be switching.

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Canada Post

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