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  • Increase revenue by selling your products on a subscription basis.
  • Trial periods, setup fees, coupons, email receipts, reminders for failed credit card payments.
  • See more reasons below!

What is Chargify?

Chargify helps over 1,200 recurring revenue businesses manage their customer signups, coupons, taxes, setup fees, trial periods, upgrades, declined cards, sending of statements, invoicing,ACH/echeck processing with Auth.net, and much more. We even have a Portal where your customers can perform common self-service tasks.

If you want to sell subscriptions to products in your Shopify store, take a look at the extensive suite of features Chargify has to offer. Chargify Feature List

Once the app is downloaded, DO NOT UNINSTALL OR DELETE IT unless you are sure you aren't going to use it. Those actions will break the integration, and will require support to get it properly functioning again.

How does it interact with my Shopify store?

The Chargify app makes it easy to define products in Chargify and have those products appear in your Shopify check-out. Your Shopify customers will be able to buy your products as they usually do OR sign up for a subscription to your products, all in the same place. We recently have improved the integration. Check out what's new here.

Chargify Features

  • Recurring revenue business management

  • Branded customer signup pages

  • Branded customer self-service portal

  • Automatic retries & past-due management

  • Coupon & discount codes

  • Statements

  • Invoicing (for customers who don't pay with cards)

  • Pro-rating for upgrades & downgrades

  • Sales Tax, VAT, and GST tax management

  • Level 1 PCI Audited each year, Reviewed by Visa

  • Five years in business, profitable since mid-2012, a Mark Cuban company

  • 24x7 customer support

  • iPhone app

  • Works with major payment gateways (see list of gateways)

What Does Chargify Cost?

Each plan allows you to manage 'x' number of customers, and there are some small feature differences between the plans, too.

Most merchants use our $129/mo "Small Business" plan, which has a nice feature set and allows you to manage 500 customers before we charge any extra fees for more customers. But if you're just trying something new, you can use our $65/mo "New Idea" plan, which includes 20 customers.

Your monthly plan price is the only fee we charge.

30 Days Free

If you use the Chargify/Shopify app and you don't already have a Chargify account, we will create a new $65 account for you. You will not be billed for 30 days.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied, we'll refund your most recent month's payment.

More Info

Chargify Forums: Getting Started with the Chargify app on Shopify

The irony is real: When you sign up for the app, it automatically sign you up for a $70/month charge.

Make sure you switch it to "developer" mode before you launch!

I don't have this application installed in my store but still they are sending me invoices. Thanks God I haven't already entered the card information. It's too expensive.

I would never even touch this app at these rates.

Looking for a non digital product subscription service and would love to give this app a try but cant justify the price. Sorry.

Dont need half of the features noted as they are already covered in other free/paid apps we have.

Extremely interested, but extremely too expensive. We'll join once they've lowered their prices.

You have got to be kidding me. I am doing a wide-ranging review of subscription options, and there is no feature set that can justify this pricing.

I have new clients ask for this feature on a regular basis - and then I tell them the price. Absolutely crazy rates, not a single client has ever wanted to even try it out.

Too Expensive. They helped with the roll-out though. So far no issues 2.10.14

Way too expensive and the cost structure is complicated. It is NOT up to $459 but up to $1,300.

1 star for being too expensive.

Get App

Our Software starts with a 30-day free trial and then moves to our paid plans, which start at $65/mo.

If you use First Data for your credit card processing, you'll get a $260 credit toward our service, effectively making Chargify FREE FOR 5 MONTHS!

30 days

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