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Chimpified by MailChimp

Chimpified by MailChimp

  • Chimpified is a FREE application that connects your Shopify store with your MailChimp account.
  • Customers automatically added to MailChimp.
  • Create targeted email campaigns based on buying behavior.

Getting Started Is Easy

Streamline your email marketing workflow by integrating your store with MailChimp !

  1. Signup for a MailChimp account.

  2. Create a list at MailChimp (one list per store, please).

  3. Install Chimpified to your Shopify store.

  4. Watch the videos at Chimpified.com to get started.

  5. Download the Official Guide to Email Marketing with Shopify and MailChimp.

Customers automatically added to MailChimp

During the checkout process, Shopify asks your customers if they are interested in receiving marketing information from your store. When a customers completes an order at your store (and has agreed to marketing), Chimpified will automatically subscribe them to your MailChimp list. In addition, your customers are added to a static segment called "Shopify Customers", so that you can easily target email campaigns to only your customers.

Target email campaigns based on buying behavior

Chimpified will also relay Ecommerce360 data to your MailChimp account, allowing you to target email campaigns based on your customers' buying behavior. Tell your customers about special offers and promotions, or send recommendations to customers based on their purchases. The possibilities are endless.

By enabling Ecommerce360 tracking on your email campaigns, Chimpified will pick up on sales generated by your campaigns. Your campaign reports in MailChimp will contain detailed information to help you measure the ROI of your campaigns and help you optimize your email marketing strategy.

Easily create email campaigns to promote your store

Chimpified adds links to your Shopify store admin so that you can easily create email campaigns to promote your store. We leverage the MailChimp Template Language to ensure flexibility and compatibility with custom MailChimp templates. Creating email campaigns has never been so easy!

Automate email campaigns with auto-responders

Using MailChimp's auto-responders, you can automate the process of communicating with your customers and drive repeat business. Perfect for encouraging customer reviews, rewarding first-time customers, or delivering product recommendations. With MailChimp's advanced segmentation tools, you can target auto-responders based on Ecommerce360 data, geolocation, and more.

Now Completely Free!

Thanks to MailChimp, as of December 15, 2012 Chimpified is a completely free Shopify app.


We pride ourselves on excellent customer support. Our Google Group is available for merchants using Chimpified to collaborate and get help when they need it. Got an idea, suggestion or just want more information? post to our Google Group or contact us directly.

Reviews (202)

Does exactly what you expect - integrates your Shopify site with Mailchimp.

We recommend this app. It's basic for your store!

Works great!

Great app!

Very easy to setup and use! Love it!

Forget everything else, this app, and in particular e-mail marketing as a prime digital strategy, is your best bet and hands down winner in promotional ROI. The connection this app provides to your Mailchimp list is transparent, flawless and painless, and works every time a customer buys something from your store.
Make sure to implement another webhook widget in your store.

I'm new to mailing list, but this app is really easy to use and installation is really simple.
All you need to do is sign up for a mailchimp account and paste a little script into your theme (my theme was set up with a place to add the mailchimp script, not sure if it is so easy on all themes).
Ohh the other great thing about mailchimp is it's FREE. At least until your list reaches a certain size.
If your like me and your list size is 0 then this is perfect! Other competitors charge right from the start.
The Verdict? If you are new to email marketing or don't require advanced list segmentation then this is the way to go! So GO! RIGHT NOW!
Sign up for a mailchimp account! install the app! make your list fall in LOVE with Your Brand! make more Sales!
But it won't work... if you don't do it.
GO! 20 minutes! Time Starts NOW!

5 stars aren't enough.
Great app!

Excellent. Really easy to use and produced great results

The app's really easy to use and I love the fact that Mailchimp has made it free. Good work.

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Chimpified is a free application that connects your Shopify store to your MailChimp account. You can send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free each month using MailChimp. For lists of more than 2,000 people, try MailChimp's monthly or pay-as-you-go pricing plans: http://mailchimp.com/pricing/




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