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  • Revenue Focused. We optimize for sales, and lots of them.
  • Product Focused. We send the best performing products.
  • Email Triggered. We send emails to drive sales from repeat customers.

Get More Sales!

We Automatically Send Your Products to Your Customers

We take the pain out of managing subscribers, creating emails, and deciding the best content to be sent to your best customers. Simply connect your Shopify Store and we start sending product emails to your customers. We take care of the hard questions like when to send, or how often to send, or what are the best products to send. Our sales algorithm does the work so you don't have to.

How it Works

Once a week we email your best products to your customers. There is no configuration or settings. Just enable this app and watch the sales come in!

Sales in Action

Results are important, which is why Concierge reports real-time sales data, clicks and opens. Instantly know how much revenue Concierge is driving to your store.

Why do I need this?

According to Shopify email marketing is the key to commerce. Shopify recommends email marketing as it is a compelling driver of traffic and sales beating out Twitter and Facebook combined. It also has the highest return on investment clocking in at 4,300%!

I already have a newsletter. Why do I need more email?

Newsletters are great, but they only work if you actually send emails! Creating a proper newsletter takes a lot of time and subsequently are rarely sent. We solve this problem by putting your email on autopilot. By automating the hard part of creating emails we ensure a steady stream of sales.

Who receives the Concierge email?

Your Shopify customers that have chosen to receive email marketing will receive the emails.

What products get sent?

We use a mix of historical sales data, behavioral data, and personalization to find the best products to send.

Can I customize the email?

Yes! The logo and heading can be customized. After logging in to Concierge click the menu in the top right corner, then select "design your email".

Are your emails mobile optimized?

Yes! Our emails are fully responsive and look great on mobile devices.

Sellout reviews (62)


For a short period, I tried this app. Seems to work fine. The website information states that the app is $0 up to 200 Customers. Apparently Someone Messed up. I would have considered using this app. but due to misconception I rather save my self now then allow a company to access my funds and have a problem later.

The information below is pulled right from their website:
Up to 200 customers
Auto Emails


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How do you charge?

Pricing starts at $20 and includes 200 customers. Any customers above 200 is charged at half a cent per customer.


This is a great app! I see sales every time I send out an email. I love it, great help in email marketing and a good accompaniment to MailChimp since it has built in integration.


Log in for Shopify not working. I can not access my account. Frustrating.


The app has good potential, but there are a several issues with this upfront. It is not FREE after the trial period, a huge misconception initially.

There is no functionality to control what emails are being sent. So the system just sends bulk random emails to customers, rather than crafting targeted and intuitive emails that we are after.

Some potential, but needs a lot of work to deliver.


We have uses this app from almost the beginning. Developers have continued to make improvements and it is a must have if you want to put your email marketing on autopilot and generate sales. New features included with auto emails is the ability to select the frequency of the emails, date and time. We use the manual email function as well to send out special promotion. Must have app, our time is worth more than $20 per month and it pays for itself. Great customer service and developers are responsive.


Fantastic, must have and easy to use app! Plus, a very quick and awesome support from the Sellout team!


Great App.... but after the trial period it cost 20.00 for no control over what customers are seeing.


seemed like a cool app but this:

"...We take care of the hard questions like when to send, or how often to send..."

is just not true. I just turned it on for the first time and it immediately sent out almost 2,000 emails to my entire email list: it is 1:30 am...

So yea I was under the impression that the app would send the emails at optimal times... which is definitely not right now and honestly I'm a little embarassed to have bothered my precious customers with this in the middle of the night.... i will probably lose a few subscribers


It was originally a free app and then they asked for $20 to upgrade their services. The app was great at the free price but the lack of features and customization that mailchimp provides for free doesn't make this app worth $240.00 a year. I decided to remove the app.


This is a must have Shopify app. We look at it as another sale person sending out emails to customers reminding them of our awesome products. Get it now!

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