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Curebit Referral System

Curebit Referral System

  • Increase sales by getting existing customers to share offers with friends
  • Increase sales through split testing.
  • Full Software Release for Free! Launch a referral campaign in less than an hour... benefit forever

Make it easy for your customers to refer you to friends for FREE

Using the Curebit application, you can get your existing customers to promote your store to their friends through Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

When a customer makes a purchase at your store, give them a deal to share with friends on your thank you page. Reward your customer with cash back or discount on next purchase, when their friend buys.

It just works.

You don't have to spend a lot of time to get optimal results. Increase your profit when you sleep, with our built in funnel tracking, A/B testing, and automatic conversion optimization.

Use it how you want it.

You can configure the deals to be any amount and you can customize the title, description and look/feel of the offers. Rebates? Coupons? Referrals somewhere other than on your thank you page? We can do it all.

Check out www.curebit.com for more information.

  • Launch your refer-a-friend program to grow sales

  • Empower your customers to share offers with friends

  • Reward your loyal customers when their friends convert

  • Analytics and A/B testing to drive the best results

Great and very useful app - have gotten a few extra sales already. Only problem was when people share their coupons - they can just click on it them selves and get the discount. Now a huge issue - still a great app.

great app. thanks!

This app is not stable and reliable at all!!!

What's happening Curebit team!!

The service had been suspended three times in the last 7 days.

Incredible app. The free version is workable and has already boosted our sales by 10% in a week. Great stuff.

It would be useful !! but I think is a bit expensive and it's necessary in other languages.

I would like to download this APP but i feel the price is to expensive. Somewhere about $60 usd a month would be perfect.

The idea of Curebit is great, its easy to integrate and costumer service is one of the best I have seen.

For my store Curebit has not increased sales considerably. Quite a few costumers wore posting the discount on facebook (which I was surprised, 42% posted the offer) but then VERY FEW wore actually clicking on it. I admit that I should have iterated more, as my first attempt wasen´t that good, but the result for my store was so minimal I decided it wasen´t worth my time, I had only about 0,5% increase in sales.

Even tough, I advice any shopify owner to give it a try, specially if you have a very attractive product, or can give very attractive discounts.

great application,

This is a great app, and a fabulous way to increase sales whilst rewarding your customers for referring their friends.

It's so powerful and customizable that I was confused at first glance, but Caleb provided first class support, and made it possible for us to create a campaign exactly how we wanted.

Highly recommended!

We had a hard time deciding which referal software to use, especially since our Shop will need german language support or at least the ability to translate it. We choosed Curebit because it seemed well thought and the customer support before creating a account was really fast and friendly.

But, as we created an account things turned out to be A LOT MORE AWESOME than we had imagined.
Curebit is easily implemented, it has an additional affiliate feature (they don't tell you this, but its really nice!). Its workflow is well thought and helps us to differentiate from mere "Hey, bring us customers and we give you a LOT of money"-Pages.

While the css-editor will need some improvements in the future, it allows easy customization.

Last but not least: Their customer support is fast, friendly and really cares about whatever problem might arise! Special thanks to Caleb and the whole support team, that helped us to help ourself with our special language and design wishes. We made it within about 3 days and our campaign is up and runnig.

I really recommend it! Don't be a bozo, try it :)!

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