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Dropifi Contact Widget

Dropifi Contact Widget

  • Seamlessly engage customers whiles they are on any page of your store without distraction
  • Get real-time analytics and industry metric comparison on messages received
  • Uncover the personalities and emotions behind each message and be notified of emotionally charged messages

A click is all you need to install an unobtrusive, smart and easy-to-fill contact widget on your site.

Using the Dropifi contact widget, businesses can see incoming message trending data in relation to industry metrics, see the demographic and social media profiles of the message senders, analyze the real emotions behind the messages they receive and easily integrate into your workflow. Dropifi’s robust anti-spam technology makes companies’ experience interacting with customers spam-free and fun.


  1. Install in 60 seconds and get started in no time

  2. Customize everything; text on tab, colors, labels and templates for sending messages etc.

  3. Robust anti-spam filters

  4. Messaging inbox customized for just what you do

  5. Send automatic responses

  6. Sentiment Analysis and contact demographic information discovery

  7. Message re-routing based on business rules you set

  8. Advanced Analytics and Industry Comparison

  9. Team collaboration

We find this App absolutely indispensable. Since we installed it our customers and non-customers who BECAME customers, have used it nearly exclusively to communicate with us. Because it is so easy to use, a non-customer can send a one-liner message without having to search around for Contact Information. Our conversion rate increased by at least 50% and sales about 40% increase, just because a client and non-yet client could contact us straight forward with no frills.

Hats off to the team that developed this App and thank you VERY much, you are now permanent part of our website and we will never even think about not using this App.

Warm wishes
The HeavenlyTattoos team

Good stuff!

Best contact app. It's made so perfect this app. Simple and works great. Costumers like to use the contact form! Highly recommend!

Easy to manage and very useful too. Great app! Thanks Dropifi for being so awesome.

This app is complete garbage. I don't get updates on anything for days. Then when I do get something come in and accidently click outside of the reply box my message is completely deleted without a chance of recovering it!!!!!! I will be looking for another solution ASAP as this will not work for me.

I never saw one customer use the app so I cancelled. I've sent 3 cancellation notices and keep get billed. I used for a week and have paid $44 with them. A COMPLETE WASTE.

2 more months later & They will not stop charging me, no matter how much I try to cancel. We're at 4 month and countless cancellation requests. BUYER BEWARE!

Very nice app and design, but wish it was fully functional on cel phones. Other than that it was free and a nice upgrade and set up for my site. Thanks and God bless!

I really like this app. I am usually very busy and can be forgetful, I like how this app keeps customer contacts organized and the other features. This is a really great tool!

great product. back end can be accessed through shopify app. very easy to use and manage

Great app! Thanks!

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