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eBay Importer

eBay Importer

  • Import your eBay products on to Shopify
  • Supports active, scheduled, and unsold products
  • Handles product images, variations, and categories automatically

Thinking of creating an own online shop to sell your eBay products?

Shopify can help you do that and we've built an app that will automatically copy your eBay products over to Shopify!

The eBay Importer is an app that will copy active, scheduled and unsold items, product variations, images and categories into your Shopify store.

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OK so now time for an update on my first review.

I have got the app to work - so good news. Trick seems to be when you are asked to enter your shopify url you need to loose the http//wwwbeginning and just start with your business name then it works - until we did this all we got was...nothing.

It imports all you sold stuff from last 60 days - pain.

Also brings in html code from listings body - which is good or bad depending on if you require it.

Best to clean up your Ebay prior to importing because it is painful to do it afterwards.

When you have done 10% of upload it is best to stop and see what is actually coming in.

First review below:

Pointless waste of my time. Thought I would start spending money with Shopify but clearly if they fail at the very first hurdle then that ain't gonna happen.

We really would love a professional website which simply feeds from our eBay store (so we do not have to enter product info twice) - hoped that this would be it....clearly we were disappointed again.

Way to messy...I ended up just deleting all the products I exported. I exported 600+ products. I really wanted this app to work. I hope to see improvements in the future.

Actually doesn't work at all, why would they have this?

simply doesn't work
was trying to import products through ebay.in

just remove / delete all unsold items on ebay first that way you will get no duplicates.

I have read the reviews, then I used the app and I must say the app works rather well. All items came over just fine, had to edit a little but the time that I saved by using this app far out weighs any of the minor changes I had to make after the migration. So USE THIS APP IT WILL SAVE YOU COUNTLESS HOURS!!!

I'm satisfied but

Simply does not work. Tried to import just 1 item to test. No luck.


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