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  • Manage inventory and orders through multiple third-party vendors, drop-shippers, and fulfillment centers.
  • Reduce backorders and increase sales by automatically keeping stock statuses up-to-date
  • Automatically mark orders shipped and update tracking numbers

Put your Shopify store on autopilot!™

Join the thousands of online stores already using eCommHub to automate their inventory and order management. Automatically keep inventory up-to-date and route orders through multiple third-party vendors, drop-shippers, fulfillment centers, or even your own warehouse.

NEW - Now with Amazon integration (both of them)!

  1. Amazon Marketplace & Storefront (Seller Central) - Automatically import orders from Shopify and Amazon into a central hub, for routing to your vendors.

  2. Amazon FBA - Automatically import orders from Shopify and your other sales channels, then route the orders through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). eCommHub also tracks the inventory and posts shipment tracking back to Shopify automatically.

Use Cases for eCommHub

  • Dropshipping - Monitor inventory from your dropship suppliers and distributors. When orders come in, eCommHub instantly routes orders to the proper supplier. When the supplier ships, eCommHub will automatically post the tracking numbers back to your store.

  • Third-party fulfillment - Seamlessly integrate with your fulfillment center to automate inventory updates and purchase order delivery. Even if your fulfillment center has custom data requirements, eCommHub is flexible enough to work with almost any format.

  • Warehouse Integration - If you simply need to connect your Shopify site to your own warehouse, eCommHub's got your back. Just treat your warehouse like any other vendor and eCommHub will automatically monitor inventory and send orders.

  • Data feed management - Don't need order processing? Simply use eCommHub to manage your inventory data feeds. For example, eCommHub is perfect for those who have an Amazon site or other feed they use to update your Shopify inventory. In fact, our flexible pricing means you only pay for what you use, so you won't be billed for features not relevant to you.

Inventory Management

  • Reduce backorders and increase sales by making sure your Shopify product statuses and quantities are always up-to-date

  • Track inventory levels across multiple vendors, even if each vendor uses unique SKUs

  • Compatible with any supplier that provides some sort of inventory data feed, whether that's a flat-file (e.g. csv, txt, excel) or even XML feeds.

  • Automatically updates your Shopify product quantities - every day, every hour, or as often as every 15 minutes. eCommHub can pull in data feeds from any source, including a URL, FTP, SFTP, manual upload, or even email attachments

Order Routing

  • Instantly route orders to any third-party, whether that's a vendor, dropshipper, fulfillment center, warehouse, or even a retail location

  • Generate purchase orders in your vendor's preferred format (CSV, PDF, email, etc). This can be as simple as sending an email notification containing the order details, or advanced as delivering a custom CSV or XML file in a specific format.

  • Batch orders to go out once per day at a cut-off time, every hour, or even every 15 minutes. Delivery methods include FTP, SFTP, and email attachment.

  • Intelligent fulfillment routing rules based on availability and cost. eCommHub automatically picks the lowest cost in stock vendor!

  • Fulfillment logs show you exactly when purchase orders were sent and make it easy to re-send if necessary.

Shipment Trackings

  • Automatically mark orders as shipped after they're successfully fulfilled by your distributor

  • Just like with inventory data, eCommHub can pull in shipment tracking data (usually a flat-file or CSV) automatically from URL, FTP, manual upload, or email attachment.

  • Track each line item separately; especially useful when an order contains line items from multiple vendors. This means eCommHub will upload tracking numbers for each line item individually, and the order is completed after all line items have been shipped.


  • Gross Profit reports lets you know exactly how much you're making on each order. (Protip: Shopify does not let you store product costs data, but eCommHub does!)

  • Product stock reports let you keep tabs on products that have gone out of stock recently.

  • Discontinued products automatically detect when your vendor has removed products from your feed, making it easy to update your store.

To get more details, please visit http://ecommhub.com

For answers to common questions, please visit http://ecommhub.com/faqs

Very powerful app and useful. Great to maintain your inventory and grow your business. I recommend this app for anyone who wants to have control on inventory and eliminate back charges for drop-shippers. Thank you for the best app.

Ecomm Hub is exactly what our business needed in order to maintain inventory as accurately as possible. It works extremely well, is very efficient and provides a multitude of features to assist you with your online store. We have multiple drop shipping vendors and this app has allowed us to diminish back orders, accurately track inventory and is giving us time to focus in on growing our business. Thanks Ecom Hub for creating something that is invaluable to our company!

If drop shipping is part of your retailing strategy, ecommhub is your go-to solution. Our business simply would not be able to function without ecommhub. These guys are smart, passionate about what they're doing, and most important simplify and solve many of the problems that come with drop shipping. Without ecommhub, we'd be chasing around orders and our suppliers and probably losing track (and our minds) in the process. Ecommhub makes life easy and truly allows us to focus on growing our business while providing an excellent overall shopping experience for our customers. Thanks Ecommhub!

If you’re reading this review contemplating eCommHub... you need to add this APP, NOW!

Seriously, don’t delay installing and setting it up because you need to send through todays Purchase Orders, Get back to the stressed customer about the Order Tracking Numbers, Phone the supplier to find out if they have shipped the products to the customer.... eCommHubb lives up to its bold claim and truly does "Put your store on Autopilot". Imagine if you never had to do this sh*t again, well you don’t if you use eCommHub!

I haven’t done this since installing the App 2 months ago. It has seamlessly taken care of more than 5k orders without any trouble!

As if the App wasn’t awesome enough (which it is!) the support team take this product to another level! The best customer service I have ever had from any company, ever! I had a couple of ideas about future features, the next day "Neil" the support guy hits me an email saying they have just built out the feature... Amazing!

The is only one reason not to install this App... That would be if you don’t want to build a successful company!

The eCommHub app is definitely one of the most useful apps I use. It saves me countless hours of work spent checking inventory manually. It gives me the ability to expand business without having to worry about keeping track of more inventory.
Also, great support for this app!

eCommHub is super easy to setup and use! Great support! For those less technical they will walk you through the process, tell you you what to change or fix and give you great examples or the corrected code/url to just copy and paste. We have had poor luck with many of the appstore apps but eCommHub is a keeper!

This application does exactly what it says - puts your store on autopilot. Of course with a system so robust there will be times when you need customer support to help integrate all of the features but the support services are also outstanding. Thanks ecommHub.

Clever app. This app automates order fulfillment allowing us to spend more time on marketing the business and telling the world what we're doing!
The inventory function has also been really helpful in allowing us to match stock levels to our fulfillment partners stock.

(handy tip: link eComm hub to Google Drive stock spreadsheet and you can partner with any brand no matter if they have a stock API).

The support team is really helpful and quick too reply which is always good when the start-up stress is getting to you!

big love,

This app works a promised. It fully integrated my products with the SKU's into the eCommHub app and now my Shopify website is fully automated. I found the set-up to easy and when I had questions, Justin and Will answered them knowledgeably and quickly. The support is awesome! I suggest everyone that has an ecommerce website and they wish to automate their store use eCommHub. It is a worthwhile investment.

This app looks like it will work very well for my website, I will be looking to incorporate this feature very soon!

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