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inSparq Social Marketing Widget

inSparq Social Marketing Widget

  • Grow traffic, customers and sales through social sharing
  • Identify your most influential customers and most viral products
  • Optimize your site for social, including Pinterest

inSparq helps retailers grow traffic, customers and sales through social sharing.

  • Proven to drive over 200% increase in social traffic.

  • Install the widget in less than 1 minute and WITHOUT touching code.

  • Gain valuable customer insights on your most influential customers.

  • Identify your most viral products to maximize marketing efforts.

The basic widget and analytics are absolutely free. If you're interested in our Incentivized Sharing Widget and Tell-A-Friend, please contact us for pricing.

We have been using inSparq Social Marketing Widget and have found it to be very user friendly

Wanted to add some social media buttons to our products. Did not like that the app appears on a wide bar at the bottom of our products with the large app logo. As a small family business this just looked way out of sorts on our shop pages. To me it looked like a very bad phishing ad and we do not want our clients to think we have that on our site, it would drive them away.

Disappointed. inSparq is just a free social sharing widget, there does not appear to be any rewards for sharing that I can find.

The size of the picture in Printerest is not good

This is a good app and simple to install but customers actually found the bar running along the bottom all the time annoying.
We installed it quickly and if it's what you're looking for it works well... we have removed it from our site though.

I have zero technical skills regarding webs. i was able to install this, basically it does itself and you copy and paste a text into your settings. It actually works and I am amazed and please! Thank you

I like it. But I do miss the ability to take away the logo with the ''powered by'' text on the right. I would be willing to pay for that too.


I have had a chance to look around inSparq and wanted to tell you that for my small business this seems a good solution since at this stage its free and integrates well into Shopify. Given that I don’t really have any developer knowledge it was important to find something that wasn’t onerous to install. Pasting the code into the product liquid template was easy – even for a beginner!

So much easier to install than other free sharing apps. And looks so much better too.

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