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  • Get instant visibility to Shopify activity in your CRM
  • No more wasting time with duplicate data entry
  • Get notified when orders are cancelled or fulfilled

You're using applications in the cloud to run your business, but they don't talk to each other. So you grudgingly waste time with duplicate data entry and run the risk of data getting out of sync. itDuzzit can relieve your pain.

itDuzzit is a cloud integration platform that can be used to easily configure data exchange between your applications. Our drag-and-drop configurator makes it easy for anyone to quickly configure an integration to send Shopify data to another application.

itDuzzit connects to over 100 applications, allowing you to to sync your data with:

  • CRM
  • Project Management
  • Billing and Invoicing

See our huge list of application connectors in our Duzzit Library and install this app to sign up for a free itDuzzit account.

itDuzzit reviews (6)

Excellent! Works beautifully getting my orders posted to Quickbooks Online. I needed some help getting thinks tweaked just right, and Steve was quick and helpful. Itduzzit succeeds where the other apps fail. If you're thinking about using itduzzit, just do it!

ItDuzzit simply does it! If you using Quickbooks.com this app is exactly what you need. We tried several other apps and this is the only one that works. Steve is great with setup and any customer support issues, he will go out of his way to help you.

Highly recommend this app for easy and efficient Quickbooks.com integration.

itDuzzit is an ingenious concept for integrating Shopify to other cloud applications.
Besides connecting to the apps on the list, itDuzzit can help you to connect to foreign apps.
But that's just because itDuzzit is flexible enough.
1000 thanks to Steve who has helped me to connect to C5. He has been there all the way for me.
Figured out data that was not publicly available from Shopify.
When Shopify help desks could not answer, Steve came up with the answer.
Probably at a brunch in Chicago with his iPad and while I was sweating in a Copenhagen afternoon.
Thank you for the support, Steve. Could not have made it with out your help.
Ingi Thorarensen, Senior System Designer, Libris Media, Copenhagen

itDuzzit works perfectly in helping us sync customer and order information with both our CRM and email application. Steve went out of his way to help get the account set up for us. Recommended.

I have been searching all year long for a program that integrates across multiple platforms, have tested dozens of integration software but none of them seems to fully integrate. Then I came across this one. This app is by far the easiest integration tool I've been able to find out on the market. Steve is also a great guy and has been very helpful. Now I am able to save our office hours of repetitive reentry across different platforms and streamline our business. I really do recommend this program to anyone trying to integrate their different softwares.

Seamlessly integrates Shopify with various other apps we use. Works very well and saves us tons of time having to manually transport information from one app to another. I would recommend it to anyone who manages various online services and needs to get them to communicate to each other. Their support is awesome, too.

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