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  • Gain business insights based on customer locations.
  • See orders being placed in real-time.
  • Market your product more effectively by knowing where your customers are.

Want to analyze your customers location data?

Want to find valuable location based insights nestled in your orders?

Want to run marketing campaigns in specific regions but need to know where?

Try out the Mapper App!

Mapper is a real-time visualization tool for your Shopify store. View your past orders on a map as well as see new orders appear in real-time.
*Mapper shows last 250 open orders. For a full - public customized map for your store, email support or visit: Shopimap

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Mapper reviews (10)


A great analytics and visual tool to see where the bulk of your orders are coming from. Nice app!


App is easy to use for any beginner.it helps to get business insights...


Good app to have an overview of what's going on at our store. We wish we could see more than 250 orders. Good its FREE!


Great app. Fantastic to view the locations if orders immediately via a map.


It defintely useful. Fast glance to know and see where your customers are.


Super cool app. Very intuitive.


cool app. love to see my customers on a map!


A different way to view where orders are coming from. Haven't decided which mapping program is better yet, like them both.

PicBack.com - The data recovery people.


Great app if you think about what it can tell you.

For us it will be useful in the longer term, showing us where customers are ordering from. This app will let us know where advertising is working, what areas need more exposure.

PicBack.com - The friendly data recovery people.


it's very cool to see where my orders are coming from! i like that there is an option to see abandoned orders as well.

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