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Memberships/Discount cards

Memberships/Discount cards

  • Raise your shop communication with customers to a higher level
  • Motivate your customers to make more purchases
  • Give your customers the particular status and importance

Clients are always pleased to get a VIP card which provides discounts and allows them to feel special and important. It is not a secret that discount card possession motivates clients to purchase in the shop where the card was granted. Possession of only a discount code (coupon) doesn’t make a customer feel privileged in contrast to the case when shopping is done with a beautifully designed discount card bearing a special discount code.

The Memberships/Discount cards application allows the shop administrator to create various client member levels (e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze) based on the amount of money spent on the purchases at the shop. For each client level the amount of expenses is defined. When a client reaches that amount, he/she will automatically receive an appropriate member level and a discount card. For example, if a user has spent $500, he/she will get the Silver level and a 20% discount card. If a user has spent $1000, he/she will get the Gold level and a 30% discount card.

A discount card with a corresponding discount code is displayed at the client’s personal account page. A client will also receive an email notification that he/she is granted the particular member level. The email contains a discount card image. The application works with your clients regardless of the fact that clients register an account at your shop or make purchases without account registration.

The shop administrator can perform the following operations:

  • create/edit client member levels

  • specify amount of expenses allowing clients to gain a certain client levels and relevant discount card levels

  • specify discount codes for any client level

  • set discount codes individually for any client if needed even if they were all assigned to one client level (e.g. it can decrease the possibility of code transfer to other clients because you know who this code belongs to. In case when it is transferred to another client he/she can be deprived of the client level and the discount code)

  • forcibly determine, if necessary, a member level for a client even if he/she hasn’t spent the specified amount of money in the shop (e.g. a client has paid in cash)

  • when needed, forcibly disable member level assigned to a client even if he/she has spent the specified amount of money in the shop (e.g. a client has broken rules of the web store)

  • create/edit discount card images for any client level

  • create/edit templates of the email messages sent to clients at the moment of allocation of a client level. What is more, separate email templates can be created for any country supported by the store.

Pricing based on the Shopify tariff plan type :

  • Basic: $9/month

  • Professional: $19/month

  • Business: $39/month

  • Unlimited: $59/month


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Incredible App for customer retention!!!

Great concept. However, can't get help from customer service on app not automatically sending out emails. Currently doing it manually. Really annoying!!!

great app. simple to install. great for customer retention!

Powerful app. Great for customer retention and to make your customers come back! A real money maker!

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