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Meta Tagger

Meta Tagger

  • Bulk Import and Export of Basic SEO and Google Shopping meta tags!
  • Boosts traffic to your shop when people search for your products
  • Reduce chances of duplicate SEO information hurting your sales

Lifetime Install Price Available Here!

The Meta Tagger App makes it very easy for you to manage SEO titles, keywords and descriptions. Most Shopify themes handle SEO by pulling content from your existing resource descriptions. This is not precise, and certainly not optimal. This App fixes that problem so your SEO gets you better results!

NEW! Google Shopping is Now Supported

Meta Tagger is compatible with the Shopify Google Shopping App tags and offers bulk export and import of these tags.

Links are added to your Product, Page, Blog and Collection detail pages when you edit them. The links open up the application's web interface that provides you with three form fields where you can enter SEO text for Title, Keywords and Description. Save this information and it is set for as long as that resource (product, page, blog or collection) exists.

The Liquid code provided to you includes decent defaults. You can customize your homepage SEO and other resources like blog articles in this Liquid.

Reduce Duplication!

By providing this information you ensure that when search engines visit your shop and "scrape" data, they see not only the information you provided in the basic HTML rendered via your product, page or collection, but also the valuable SEO text you entered using Meta Tagger App.

Improve Shopping Experiences with SEO Data

Clients have leveraged this App to provide superior shopping experiences for their clients. A quick example is that you can provide tooltip effects when clients hover over products that relate the SEO descriptions. This blows away tooltips that have to be manually constructed to do that same thing

Meta Tagger reviews (161)


Awesome response time by the owner, helped me by making sure I had installed everything correctly and responded within 30 min of my email!


Thank you so much for such a terrific app!

The ability to edit the meta tags in bulk via CSV is such an essential time saver and the few times I have had issues, Dave's customer support is super fast and helpful.


Unbelievable service. I'm a total beginner and emailed dave. Had a response instantly. Can't wait to see what other apps he has to offer.


WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW, thats literally how I feel about how amazing this app is. Not only is this essential for SEO and improving conversions which lead to more $$$$, but Dave is one of the most helpful people online :)


Dave was great. Even though I was a complete beginner with Shopify and this sort of process, he was able to talk me through it and eventually, together, we got it sorted. Never would have been able to do it on my own.


I could not figure out how to set up the App so I emailed the developer dlazar@resistorsoftware.com and he was able to assist in setting up the app and walked me through the steps to utilize it. Very, very helpful! Once the app is installed, it's easy to use and pretty self explanatory. Thank you!


Excellent app, even better support. Dave is my hero. I found the welcome packet instructions a little confusing, when I royaly messed up the code in my theme another company told me it would cost $180 to fix. I e-mailed Dave and he fixed it in less than 30 minutes!! He is so pleasant to work with, I highly recommend his app.


This is a great app does exactly what I need and the support has been A+. Thanks Dave for your friendly help getting me underway


Dave is quick and responsive. I sent an email asking for help and he sent one back literally 10 minutes after. The app is easy to run and navigate. Highly recommend for SEO. Support David!


Amazing customer service! David is great!! I had a minor issue at first, I emailed David and he responded within minutes and fixed the issue ASAP. Everything is working great now and it is super user friendly. Great app, highly recommend it, not just for what the app does, but for the super helpful support and quick responses too. If your looking for a great, easy to use SEO, then your search is over, Meta Tagger!

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