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  • Make changes to your website instantly
  • Determine which changes maximize your revenue
  • Drive the process without IT or engineering

Simple, fast, and powerful.

Optimizely is a dramatically easier way for you to improve your website through A/B testing. Create an experiment in minutes with our easy-to-use visual interface with absolutely no coding or engineering required. Convert your website visitors into customers and earn more revenue today!

After you install this app you will:

  1. Be automatically logged into Optimizely.

  2. The Optimizely embed code will be automatically added to your Shopify website. If you un-install the app this embed code will be automatically removed.

  3. Be only one-click away from creating an experiment on your homepage!

"Optimizely makes A/B testing accessible to those with little to no technical knowledge. I recommend them to everyone who is in the market for a smart testing solution."
- Daniel Weinand, Chief Design Officer at Shopify

All paid plans start with a 30-day free trial.
100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
Questions? Call us anytime at (415) 3AB-TEST

Using the free trial at the moment - great app, plug and play, easy to use for a non technical person like myself. Recommended!

Optimizely is the best A/B tool I have ever worked with and has helped immeasurably. The $19/month package is very functional for the price too.

The best A/B testing tool I have used and really a good price for what you get.

I have used Optimizely a lot on their site directly, this software is used by some of the biggest sites online. Looking forward to playing with the app.

As your business grows, A/B testing becomes vital to ensure proper growth. Optimizely is pretty easy to use to make changes. It's a tad expensive, so I probably wouldn't recommend it to a completely fresh start-up that's tight on cash.

Optimizely is a powerful service. When the tests work properly they are awesome. However, don't expect all of the features to work right out of the box without getting your hands dirty. Optimizely really tries to make this service simple to set up and use but my experience included a lot of frustration. Their shopify integration needs to be updated before I would consider this to be a 5 star app.

Optimizely is very very powerful.

It goes far beyond Google's Website Optimizer in terms of ease of use. You can delete elements of their page without knowing a lick of coding and instantly run split tests (whereas Website Optimizer would require you to produce two separate pages on two separate urls). It's so easy to use, I sometimes even use it for ad hoc web redesign.

Google needs to buy these guys ASAP

This is the kind of editing function shopify should have, instead of their theme setting options. =D

All I can say is wow!

We have used Google Website Optimizer to run tests before but were really put off with how awkward it was to set them up. Optimizely is like a breath of fresh air – literally within 5 minutes we had our first test running and the results were visible in real-time.

I was a bit sceptical before, thinking why should we pay for something that Google offer for free? But having now spent a short time using Optimizely I have been won over by its effortless installation and configuration. Well worth the money.

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