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Orankl reviews and email marketing

Orankl reviews and email marketing

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  • Great reviews that increase consumer trust and boost sales
  • Smart email marketing
  • SEO Optimization and Rich Snippets

Orankl is about giving you the same tools that big merchants like Amazon use to maximize sales. When you install Orankl you get:

  • Top of the line review system

  • Smart email marketing


With Orankl it is incredibly easy to have reviews on your store. Reviews alone have been shown to increase sales on average by 20%. Our review system will:

  • Increase consumer trust

  • Reduce return rates

  • Drive traffic coming from search engines

  • Adapt to your page’s design

Email marketing

We take care of everything for you. Using your order history, reviews, and user info we make sure that we advertise the right products, to the right people at the right time to maximize your sales.

Integration is free and simple, no credit card necessary. In less than a minute you could have smart email marketing and reviews on your store.

SEO Optimization and Rich Snippets

Reviews represent original content written by your customers. This content is indexed by search engines and will improve your page rank. Your page rank can be further improved with Rich Snippets which allow you to display the star ratings on Google searches. SEO optimization will increase traffic to your online store.

Some of our features include

Dashboard to manage reviews

We give you a dashboard where you can manage all your reviews and interact with your customers. We notify you every time you get a review so that you always know what people think about the products you're selling.

Private messages with reviewers

Engage with your reviewers via private message in a simple and friendly way. Reviews are not isolated events in time, sometimes they uncover problems about your products that should be addressed. Furthermore, it's always a good opportunity to bond with your customers and thank them for their feedback.

Review reminders

A few days after your customers make a purchase in your store we send them an email reminding them to submit a review. We have optimized this email thoroughly to maximize the number of reviews you get. This feature helps you create a positive feedback loop, where you will sell more products because you have more reviews and you will get more reviews because you sell more products.

Customizable review form

Collect specific information about your products by adding extra questions to the review form. It's almost like a mini-survey for your customers.

Great design out of the box

Our reviews adapt to the style of your page. You can customize the colors in your dashboard

Beautiful email marketing

One less thing to worry about. We do Amazon-grade email marketing for you.

Orankl reviews and email marketing reviews (68)


Great app! I love it! Very helpful live chat if you need help with anything too. Definitely worth downloading this app and giving it a go, best thing is that its FREE. Its driven more customers to my store too by seeing the reviews as more people are likely to buy! GREAT! :)


Best Review App on Shopify! Looked at, tested and downloaded all the review apps and this one is by far the best. The review email has a picture of the item the customer purchased, something which other apps did not. They answered every question and were able to help with every need. Thank you!!!


This has worked so well for us in this first week we have used it- remarkable how many past customers are willing to write a review when Orankl makes it so easy to do. Easy to be up and running with this in no time. We are happy!


Great App. Great Support :)


Just installed app but I like the way it looks and functions on the product pages better than other ones i've tried. Caroline is there to help and is very friendly. I would recommend this reviews app to other stores.


I like this app. It was easy to install and use. Best of all it works!


I could not imagine it would be so easy to use it. It worked really well for my website and the support stuff is also very cooperating. Great job!


Great support system and customer service. I don't have a lot of technical experience so when you have a company that understands that and willing to go the extra mile, its incredible!


Easy to install, use and works great. Quick and attentive customer service. I've just upgraded to the Premium plan and I look forward to continue working with Orankl!


So far, so good on this app. It was easy to install and is attractive in my store. I wish you could tweak a couple more things though - the app lets you email past customers to request a review, but you can't edit that email or choose which customers will receive the email, and it included orders that haven't yet been fulfilled. Since our items are custom-made and don't ship immediately, this led to several confused replies from our customers. The overall functionality appears solid, but the details could use some more thinking.

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