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Plug in SEO

Plug in SEO

  • Identify problems it'll be worth spending your time and money to fix
  • Install and forget about SEO with automatic, regular checking
  • Instant, simple verdict

Plug in SEO gives you a single verdict: does your store have issues with search engine performance that will be worthwhile to fix?

Once you install, the app checks your store's homepage, determines the verdict and displays details.

For support email help@pluginseo.com.

Reviews (175)

great product, excellent service...very very happy with outcomes so far.

A very useful tool for monitoring the state of your sites SEO very intuitive and simple to use makes this a must for all small business!

We recently tried the free version of Plugin SEO. We were very pleased with the way it worked for us. It provided a thorough and detailed analysis of all aspects of our e-shop and made useful suggestions for improving its structure. We've already amended our e-shop according to the plugin's suggestions and things are already being picked up by Google. It's very fast too! Would definitely recommend it as a tool for anyone who wants to improve their e-commerce store!

V good , highlights basic SEO problems.

Great!...Helps me out a lot!

The app is easy to install and easy to run. If you are comfortable making the recommended changes then you are going to love this app to help improve your SEO. For those, like me, needing a bit of help then you'll need to work with one of the project managers. After a brief delay in communication, my project manager Luke walked me through everything via the built in message system and assigned my project for implementation. The work was accomplished quickly and well inside the defined two weeks. The help and instruction I received along with the links to make potential changes in the future means I would likely feel quite comfortable making those changes myself at a later date. Cheers Daniel and Like.

Easy to install and even easier to use. Glad I found this app as it helps me utilise how to get the best out of seo for my business.

This is a great app and it scanned my site in seconds Although its free, the functionality is invaluable. Thanks for offering this free app.

This app is perfect for a new store owner that does not know too much about SEO. I recommend this app for all of my SEO clients, and they really seem to like it. This app really helps you arrange your content in an SEO friendly manner.

All in all, this is a great app and it is free. It is like the Yoast SEO Widget for Wordpress, but in this circumstance for Shopify.

For an expanded analysis visit:

The quick check is great; and the chat provide useful and friendly help to fix the problem. Great Support!

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