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Portable for Shopify

Portable for Shopify

  • Save time!
  • Save your sanity!
  • Portable does the support lookup for you.

Portable for Shopify will be shutting down July 31st. Rapportive is shutting down the integration technology that Portable depends on to show your Shopify content in your Gmail account. You can sign up and use the service up until July 31st, after which all accounts will be closed and the service will be taken offline.

Does your store use Gmail to handle support emails?

Portable brings Shopify customer details and brings your customers into where you're interacting with them most: your email. By using our app and the free tool for Gmail, Rapportive, you'll be bringing in important Shopify customer details into context for each email, saving you valuable time and support costs.

Portable looks up any of the details about a customer using their email address. If the email is a customer, important details about that customer will be displayed, all within your Gmail window. We've cut out several steps to save you time from looking up each customer's individual order and account information.

NEW: Direct link to issue refunds for orders from your email!

Included in the first release of Portable:

  • A direct link to that customer's profile in your Shopify store

  • Lifetime value details like total number of orders and total spent, localized for your country and currency

  • Recent orders, including a direct link to the recent orders in your Shopify store, the order number, and the financial status, shipping status and order status

  • Primary address and phone details for that customer

  • Any notes you've entered about that customer

Save time and provide better support by gaining the exact context you need for each customer where you need it most!

Portable works with unlimited amounts of users per store.


Portable includes a free, 14-day trial period. After the trial period, Portable will cost differently depending on your Shopify store plan:

  • Basic: $4.99/month

  • Professional: $9.99/month

  • Business: $14.99/month

  • Unlimited: $19.99/month

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