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PowerReviews Express

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Price: $35.00-$199.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • More Content. PowerReviews customers produce 700% more content than with alternative solutions.
  • More Confidence. PowerReviews Express helps give your customers the confidence they need to purchase your products.
  • More Results. PowerReviews Express is proven to boost conversion, reduce returns, and increase average order value.

The ideal solution for small to medium sized merchants ready to move beyond the Basic Shopify implementation and integrate one of the most innovative customer review solutions on the web today.

Express comes equipped with a full set of features including the Review Snapshot®, giving shoppers an at-a-glance summary based on what reviewers agreed upon most. Verified Buyer technology, helping boost shopper confidence with credible badges indicating reviewers that actually own a product. Customizable review collection forms complete with category-specific pros, cons, best uses for each product. The SEO Mini-site, which improves natural search relevance and rankings. And finally, Review Accelerator, which speeds up the review collection process with an automated customer follow-up email program.

Plus, the easy integration wizard gets PowerReviews Express up and running on your website in as little as one day.

"Try PowerReviews Express Free for 30-days with no obligation":http://shopify.powerreviewsexpress.com.

* You must have a PowerReviews subscription to use this integration.

PowerReviews Express reviews (22)


Unless you need a complex review system, don't waste your time or money. We opted out after sampling this system (terrible onboarding process, no customer service, etc) and jumped over to Shopify's excellent Grapevine Reviews app. We've never looked back.

Grapevine = 5 glowing stars
PowerReviews = 1 flickering star


Terrible installation process. The links to the scripts needed to run the app does not even exist on the URLS provided during their installation process. - so it won't load. Contacted support and they said they would try to get back within 2 days ...


Despite what I posted here 2 years ago I have paid $30 a month and I think it's worth every penny. With items like the ones we sell at www.FortuneCookieSoap.com (bath products) the online customer is pretty much guessing if they'll like it by looking at the picture and description, since the best qualities of the product they can't interact with... the way it smells and feels. We have 4k reviews (500+ images) so far and that goes a long way informing our customers what the product they have in the shopping cart will be like.


It takes a min to get setup but and non techies will probably need help.

Now that its setup I feel like I have one of the best review systems available.

I wish it cost less but all the other options didn't come close to PowerReviews Express features.

I use reviews all the time to get feedback about stuff I want to buy and I think its important that my site has a nice commenting system inplace also. I'm sure alot of good reviews will generate sales that would otherwise be lost. One extra sale covers the expense of this software.

I really like how customers can upload their own images of the products, the others do not.

After somebody leaves you a review it will take a few days to be notified of it and then you can approve it. They Power Review team weed out spam reviews for you.

With all the negative reviews I had to leave some real world feedback.

I would recommend to a friend :)


Too expensive! Get with the program!


Way too expensive for this market I find. I would sign up for anything less than $9 a month but not $29. Wish it was cheap like Cinch 7 which is $4.99


For what it is, PowerReviews is a great piece of a software that I doesn't necessarily get in my way. I don't have to constantly manage the spam, legitimate reviews, and most of all the maintenance of the system that automatically emails customers asking for them to review their items.

If you're selling items that almost certainly require reviews, then a system like PowerReviews is a must. Knowing that customer decisions are based on a combination of your product descriptions and more likely other user-generated reviews, it's paramount having having a system that automatically contacts the customer after a certain amount of days reminding them to come back and write a review (BONUS: and possibly buy again).

From my stores perspective, we've seen a tremendous amount of customer take the time to return and write a review. We've gotten feedback before about review process and we haven't had anyone complain.

At the end of the day, if having PowerReviews on a site costs $XX per month and it helps to convert 5 customers then that should more than pay for the software. As you get more reviews on your site it's bound to increase conversions and the legitimacy of your store.



I have had a horrible experience with PowerReviews. I signed up with them based on the description on this app page. The description promises that their ReviewExcelorator and SEO Mini Site are included in the service. It also promises that it is integrated with Shopify.

As soon as I installed the app and created my account with them, I tried to activate the ReviewExcelerator only to find that it was not integrated with Shopify. When I wrote their customer service, they told me that it doesn't work with Shopify and that I had to find a way to make it work myself. After I wrote several times and pointed out that they advertise it as being integrated, they finally set up an integration for me. This is after I spent many hours trying to figure out how to make it work and mailing them etc.

Next I wanted to set up the SEO Mini site only to find out that it is not included in the plan. When I wrote them to point out that they advertise it as included they first denied it. Then they said that they can't afford to provide it at the price that I am paying. Then they told me that it is not their responsibility what Shopify writes on their App page and that they don't have to fulfill what is written there because they have no control over it.

I am basically stuck with this service because I have already invested too many hours integrating it, collecting reviews and encouraging my customers to write reviews, but I am disappointed that Shopify is partnered with a company like this.

I guess I should have known better when I saw that the app has a rating of 1 out of 5 stars, but it seemed to me that most people were giving a low rating due to the price and I thought the price was reasonable for all of the features that they were offering. Turns out that they don't actually provide those features.


I will sign up for $10 per month.

Also does it support reviews adding pictures?


I would have done it 6 months ago if it was $10 a month. I still might do it just because I need this feature I was just hoping you guys would lower the price by now. $360 a year is one sale for me so thats my way of justifying it to myself.

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$35.00-$199.00 / month
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PowerReviews Express

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