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Product Options

  • The ONLY Options app that allows you to Create Options, or Option Groups! Save them and them apply them in Bulk. Later on update in bulk too!
  • Add File Uploads, Radio Buttons, Checkbox & Checkbox Groups, Text Boxes Single & Multiple Line, Dropdown Single and Multiple Select and CUSTOMIZE Everything!
  • **NEW** With the Premium version add Conditional Logic to options and change prices!

Often imitated... But never Duplicated! The #1 Rated Options app on Shopify for 2 Years Running!

There are a few clear distinctions between Product Options and other option apps out there on Shopify. Product Options is:

  • The only app that allows you to Change prices with different options.

  • The only app that allows Conditional Logic to be used to show or hide options based on what a user selects.

  • The only app that allows you to Bulk Apply options to more than one product at a time.

  • The only app that works with Quantity Breaks... and so much more!

  • Click here to see a Live Demo!** When looking at the demo be sure to click all the options to see how the conditional logic works and the prices change **

... But don't just take our word for it :-)

★★★★★ "I've been using this app for about two months, and I'm super impressed. The customer service is great. I needed a help because I had another, Product Customizer installed and I had to remove it. I uninstalled the other app I'd tried because this one is far superior. I use the upgraded version with the conditional logic, and it's fantastic. I love this app!

- Stinker Pants

★★★★★ "The only product customizer you'll ever need. We tried other options, but they make you edit every product manually. Yuck! This app lets you design a customization and then apply to any number of products in just minutes... Amazing!"

- Havana Row

★★★★★ "Product options is the perfect app for our store(and yours) and Shappify is a great team to have released it. Much, much easier than loading variables using the standard way. We are overly impressed."

- ReSlat.com

★★★★★ "Such an amazing app. It's better than all other apps like it. Your able to bulk add options to things instead of wasting hours doing it one at a time like other apps. Plus, the support behind it is unparalleled."

- Six Shooter Leather

★★★★★ "This is a MUST have app for any shop in my opinion! I am SO very glad that I found it. I found another app that I was using, which was better than nothing but was still a very manual process. Then I stumbled upon THIS app. I am scratching my head as to how I missed this to begin with!

- Avery + Ethan - Plates For Kids

**NEW** Premium version is now available that has Adjustable Prices and Logic!

**NEW** This Product Options app now works with the Quantity Breaks app! This is the only options app that allows you to have Options and Quantity Breaks at the same time!

- - - - - - ☛ Click here to see a Live Demo!

** When looking at the demo be sure to click all the options to see how the conditional logic works and the prices change **

The #1 Options app in the Shopify app store and here's why:

✓ The only app that allows you to bulk apply options to thousands of products with one click.

✓ Only app that with one click can apply option sets to a product, or a group like a collection, product type, brand or just a custom selected group!

✓ The only app that allows you to save options AND options "Sets" for future use.

✓ The most variety of options types available. Drop-down single, Drop-down multiple, Single text entry, Multiple text entry, Calendar date picker (available add on), File uploads (Any type), Image uploads, Radio Buttons, Check boxes, Multiple select checkbox, Multiple text entry, and many more!

✓ The only option app all with built in style controls. No coding knowledge required!

Plus it gets even better! Upgrade to the Premium Version and get all of the above PLUS:

Adjustable Prices with different options. Options can change the price on the fly, or represent a variant (for example "Add Batteries")

Conditional Logic! Show or hide options based on the selection of a previous one.

✔ UNLIMITED Options in UNLIMITED Combinations.

There is NO limit to the amount of options you can add to a product and no limit of variations and types of selection tools you can use. Now you can have an item with 1,000 variations using only 1 Shopify variant! No more 3 option limits!

✔ Adjust Prices with Options

(Available in Premium) This is is totally unique in how it allows you to adjust prices with options. You have two methods you can use depending on the scenario:
  1. Method One Link an option to an existing product in your store. For example if an option is "Add Batteries" you can link that option to batteries and when a customer selects "Yes" it will add the batteries to the cart and add the price of the batteries to the order.

  2. Method Two Create prices on the fly! You can just simply assign a price to an option. For example if "Gift Wrapping?" is an option you can assign $5.00 (or whatever you like) to the Yes selection.

✔ Conditional Logic - Add Smarts to your options!

(Available in Premium) Make your options look professional with logic! This is the only way you can add conditional logic to any type of options on Shopify, period! Logic allows you to hide or show options based on a selections. For example if you want to add a custom logo field you can add a checkbox that says "Custom Logo" and if the user selects "Yes" the fields for the custom logo appear, and if they select "No" they hide. You can see this in action on our live demo here.

✔ Create "Option Sets" and BATCH APPLY!

Now you don't have to create options for every product. When you create an option you can use it over and over. Then you can take those options and create "Sets" and use those over and over!

For example create a Set called "Standard Size" with Small, Medium and Large and then with 1 Click apply it to every item in your store, or a brand, a product type, a collection or even a custom hand selected group of products. All this with just a click. Imagine the time this will save you!!

✔ Future Edits are a Breeze!

Not only does that save you time now BUT in a month when you wanna edit that Option Set and add another choice it's a piece of cake! Let's say you want to add a gift-wrapping check box. Just edit the Option Set, and put that gift-wrapping checkbox in and BAM, you're done! Or maybe you want to add a new X-Large size, it's one adjustment. It updates EVERY item for that Set! You just saved your precious time!

✔ Brand it to Your Store!

What good are options if they don't look pretty :-) Customize all your options styling with a user-friendly in-app editor. Can you can style your titles, text boxes, backgrounds, font sizes, spacing, borders, css... need we say more?

Different language other than English? You can customize all the "Label" text to any language you like.

✔ Upload Files, Pictures and More

Add an option to allow your customers to upload pictures, files or heck... just about anything!

✔ Get Access to ALL Styles of Choice

  • Dropdown

  • Dropdown (Select Multiple)

  • Checkbox

  • Checkbox Group (Select Multiples)

  • Text Box Single Line

  • Text Box Multiple Line

  • Radio Button

  • Image uploads

  • File Uploads

✔ Set Certain Fields as Mandatory

You have full control over what fields are mandatory or not for your customers to fill out when they place an order. NOTE: You can have some fields mandatory and some fields not. It doesn't have to be all or the other. This was never before possible!

This is an exciting app that will add a lot of powerful ways you can offer your products in unlimited variations. It's extremely user-friendly and even FUN to use!

Have more questions that this page doesn't answer? Check out our support page with common questions people ask before installing.
Product Options Details

Plan Pricing Details:

When you install this app you will be placed on the standard plan. This plan has ALL the features mentioned about except two: adjustable prices and conditional logic. After you install the app you can upgrade to the premium version ($19.99) in the app that has these two features if you like. During the free trial you can use either the Standard or Premium version for free!

Start Your 14-Day Free Trial Today!


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Add options to every product in your store with ONE CLICK! ★ NEW FEATURE: Change prices with the options and use conditional logic to show or hide options based on what's picked. With this app you can add UNLIMITED options to a product, and have more variety such as File Uploads, Custom Text, Radio Buttons, Yes/No Checkboxes... PLUS you can BULK APPLY & EDIT Options! Add a Gift-wrapping option to your whole store with 1 Click!


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Reviews (594)

the product options app is quite powerful in its ability to expand upon your capabilities to sell your products with additional options and variants. it also allows a fair amount of additional customization through jquery. for example, we were able to have the different options change the main image (which is very helpful for customers to see exactly what they would be ordering).

most importantly though, the customer service has been quite spectacular. our store was having some difficulties with the product options app, but after reaching out to support, tamer got back to us and he helped tackle the issues in a very timely manner. you all know how stressful it can be when your shopping cart isn't working right! so color me impressed. thank you again tamer! you rock!!

i do wish there were forums setup or at least a more extensive faq section. because the product options app is actually quite powerful, i'm sure there are lots of customers who are trying to replicate the same sort of advanced functionality. things such as changing the main image with different product options, or the inventory checking functionality (which solved one of our issues, but i didn't know about it until tamer pointed it out), or how exactly you reference a dropdown option as opposed to checkbox options, and other very useful features.

other than that, great work on an amazing app with deep, if somewhat undocumented, features.

Wonderful app! I'm delighted to know that I need not go into each product to amend the options in future, eg.. if I ever change the sizing options (I run a tee store by the way). And I love it that they let you set conditions to the options. If customer choose this, then that option will appear. it's very cool! :D


I run a couture apparel shop and this is the best tool to use to seamlessly run a store that gives customers the option to have their dresses custom made to their dimensions.

The only reason I am giving any stars at all is that once the app is finally working it does what it says. My problem is more with the customer services I received. Each reply back to them took days to get an answer and even though I had gotten one reply on a Saturday, when the problem escalated to a LOT of lost sales I was given the excuse that they are closed on the weekend (then why did I get a reply on the middle of a weekend day?).

Basically the initial installation which I paid and additional $50 to have done, was done incorrectly. Didn't get a reply for three days and had to use an old version of my theme to make due for the mean time. That was fine, it happens. But then instead of fixing the theme it was suppose to be on they wrote over my back-up copy of my old theme and it was STILL broken! (when you ask for the installation they ask for the themes that you'd like it done on so why this was mixed up I will never know). So for the busiest time period of my shop I was left with no functioning theme, no back-up to resort to, and no apology other than another couple of days wait (this had gone on for well over a week) other than we are closed on the weekend I'll fix it now and never actually said when they were done. Later I discover the test settings they'd put to make sure things were running were still left active so a few of my listings had blank drop downs labeled test, making my site look kind of sloppy.

My back-up theme is still written over and has to be completely rebuilt and after all the money I lost because of their multiple mistakes you would have thought a refund or some comped subscription credit was in order. I lost easily $500 to $700 in sales given how high my abandon cart rate jumped over this time period. Very very very unhappy with this company's service

I installed this app 2 days ago and it is has definitely made the process of building my site so much easier! If you are looking for an app that all allow you to install product options very easily then look no further!

I just started using the Product Options App for Outrider's Shopify site and ran into an issue copying the code for the "Premium" version. I contacted Bold Apps and they responded immediately and completely solved my issue. Terrific customer service experience, and I would definitely recommend it. Thanks guys! - Jesse

Great app, and they worked with me to expedite the liquid install. I recommend!

This app is a lifesaver! User friendly and customer support is great. Does everything I need it to and more!

This is a GREAT app to use. Very easy and user friendly. It allows me to do exactly what i need to do for our site. Definitely try it out!

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