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Custom Orders

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  • Enter orders with CUSTOM or modified products created on the fly!
  • Send custom emails with order details and PAYMENT LINKS. Great for Quotes or Invoices!
  • Manage orders better with UNLIMITED Order Statuses that can trigger emails and update orders!

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"Calling it “Custom Order” is the understatement of the year!"

The Custom Order app is the only app for Shopify that allows you to create and modify products on the fly when you enter orders! As well, it's the only app that allows you to manage your orders with unlimited custom statuses that automatically update your customers! Oh, and it's a faster way to enter orders too :-)

The only app that:

✓ Allows you to enter custom orders on the fly.

✓ Create orders with products that both do, and do not, exist on your store.

✓ Allows you to change the price, description, title, image etc, of products while entering an order.

✓ Allows unlimited custom order statuses.

✓ Trigger custom emails as you change order statuses.

✓ Allows you to completely manage your orders outside Shopify.

The Custom Order app in a Nutshell:

The Custom Order app provides an interface that allows you to enter orders twice as fast and change the price of any other product details on the fly. But most notably, you can enter totally custom products that don't even exist in your store. On top of that, Custom Order is a total custom order manage tool as well. You can create as many different statuses as you like and trigger different email notifications when an order is changed to that status.

If you'd like to see all the nitty gritty details here's the 15 minute instruction video.

Enter Custom Orders

Have you ever tried entering an order for a customer by going through your website and finding and adding each item to the cart. If you have you know there are a lot of limitations!

What if you wanted to add a product that’s not on your website? Or what if you wanted to select an existing product but change change the price? Maybe you want to customize an existing product and charge a little more, or maybe you just wanna give a discount on one product. If you have then you know this was never before possible… Well, thanks to Custom Order, now it is!

With it's unique product selector tool, the Custom Order app allows you to enter orders twice as fast AND enter custom products at the same time! You'll never enter an order through your storefront again!

It gets better...

Email Payable Invoices & Quotes

Have you ever wanted to create an order for a customer and send them an email with a link to complete the purchase? Well it's finally possible!

When you enter an order in Custom Order you have the option to complete it right there OR you can send a custom email with a payment link. When the customer gets the email it can have a summary, a custom message, the order details, or anything merged info you like! When they click the payment link it takes them directly to the checkout page in your Shopify store with all the products in the cart ready to checkout!

You can use this to send custom quotes for the customer to approve and pay. Or, use it to help a customer create a basket of recommended products. You can use the link over and over again too! So if you want to create a special link for a commonly used package, or maybe even a special marketing offer with discounted items, now you can!

It gets better still...

It’s not just a better way to enter orders… It’s a better way to manage them!

Better Order Management with Custom Statuses

Have you ever wanted to add more status settings for your order management? Or, how about triggering custom emails when an order moves through each status?

The Custom Order app allows you to create UNLIMITED status settings. If you sell custom products this is a must. Some examples might be "Being Built", "In Assembly", "Waiting for Parts", "Backordered" etc...

With each status setting you create you can attach a custom email that gets sent to the customer when you change their order to that status. You can use merge fields to include order details such as order number, customer name, items ordered etc... It also can stamp the status note on their actual order in Shopify so if they login they can view it there as well.

This app comes with a 15-day trial so you've got nothing to lose. Give it a try today!


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With this app you can accept recurring payments on products or an entire cart! Customers select to purchase them in a recurring fashion such as every 2 weeks, 1 month etc... It integrates seamlessly into the normal Shopify checkout flow and has a full admin for customers to be able to manage their own recurring subscriptions.


This app allows you to manage order faster PLUS create custom statuses, merge orders together, add surcharges and products orders after they're placed, sub accounts for shippers and sales reps, order status pages and more!


Have you ever wanted to accept donations on your shopify store? This app allows you to accept one time, or Recurring donations on your store!


This app allows you to sell by any measurement area you like! For example by the Square foot, Cubic inch etc... Your customers can enter length, width, height, or any measurement, and then the app does the math and calculates the price. It's like Magic!


This app will automatically tweet and post to Facebook every time you create a new product or blog post. The tweets are customizable and randomized so you don't look like a robot ;-)


A full-featured returns manager app that allows you to set return rules for different products in your store. Customers can submit Return, Exchange or Credit requests themselves through your website. They can also manage and check on returns themselves and you have a full backend to set custom statuses with custom emails and sooo much more!


Enter phone orders with custom products that don't exist on your store! Modify prices and details of products on the fly when entering orders and then send payment emails to customers with payment links. Manage orders with unlimited custom statuses too!


Add a custom Product to your website! Customers can go through step by step and build a custom product, kinda like a build your own car on automobile websites :-)


This new app allows you to create bundles sales. Sales like "Buy the set" or buy the package and get a deal! You can create bundles by product (buy this hat, this shirt and this accessory and get a discount) or by collection (for example buy any hat, any shirt, and any accessory and get a discount


The only way to offer tiered pricing on your store! Quantity breaks allow discounts for bulk or quantity purchases. For example Buy 2 or more get 10% off, Buy 10 or more get 20% off and so on... You can set the levels to whatever you like.


This is a nifty little app that allows you to create goals like free shipping and then each time after a customer adds something to their cart it lets them know exactly how much more they need to spend to reach that goal


Be one of the first Shopify stores EVER to turn your Shopify store into a Windows 8 App! Customers can install your store app from the Windows App Store on their Windows 8 Desktops and Surface tablets.


Offer different price levels such as Gold, Platinum, WHOLESALE etc, on your site! Manually tag customers to groups or let the app auto-tag them based off sales and display different prices on products, collections, brands, types or on your entire website when they login!


Add options to every product in your store with ONE CLICK! ★ NEW FEATURE: Change prices with the options and use conditional logic to show or hide options based on what's picked. With this app you can add UNLIMITED options to a product, and have more variety such as File Uploads, Custom Text, Radio Buttons, Yes/No Checkboxes... PLUS you can BULK APPLY & EDIT Options! Add a Gift-wrapping option to your whole store with 1 Click!


Storewide sales and Daily deals with a few clicks! Schedule sales ahead of time or add Daily Deals. Add live real-time countdown timers to sales, in 3 click put a collection, a brand, a product type or the entire store on sale & add icons to any item on sale!


"The app that pays for itself! Add customized upsell offers that get offered at checkout to every item on your store. Buy earrings, offer the matching necklace, buy a jacket get offered the leather treatment kit... you know the drill!


100% Positive Review Rating! Add all your dealers or stores on a beautifully designed store locator map. Customers can get directions, plus use the reports to see where people are searching for you... and want you to be!

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Custom Orders reviews (112)


This app is a life saver! We can send requests directly to customers, or our salesman can use this to check out right through our website. This is used to place special orders, items that are out of stock, repair/upgrade costs, or just about anything else we need. It will pull inventory directly out of our system, or we can simply use a non-stock part if we don't keep that item in stock. Really love using this app and it works great for us!


I am an independent airsoft technician, I fix airsoft guns, and the custom order app has made providing my customers with an invoice much easier.

I originally had started out subcontracting from other local businesses in the area, and one of the problems I had encountered is that I relied on those businesses to keep track of payment, and sometimes when paperwork went missing, due to neglect or error, I would be the one short handed.

Your app enables me to get around this problem.

I have yet to require the use of the support team, but if they are anywhere as good as this app, I am sure they will be outstanding.


This app has bridged a huge gap for us, by allowing us to create "invoices" for products not in our store or at a discount (without worrying about coupons, etc.) This has also led to more invoices being paid on time (if not immediately) since most customers do feel safer paying directly through the storefront. Previously we used an "outside" invoicing program, which meant we had to keep track of two different systems. Custom Order allows us to keep everything together and makes it easier to keep our eye on outstanding invoices/orders.


This app is everything we always wanted and needed to fulfill the needs of our Brides and Grooms looking to book a Destination Wedding in Hawaii www.getmarriedinhawaii.com Lets face it, booking a wedding is hard, anywhere, let alone 2,500 miles from any other land. Everything that needs to be done can soon get overwhelming.

We decided to create a website where a couple could technically browse our store, like any online store adding; Wedding Packages, A La Carte Items, Limo's, Flowers, Hawaiian Lei's and as I'm sure you can imagine, the lists go on and on.

It soon became apparent that no matter what we added, the thousands of variants created... headaches and blurry eyes following very soon behind.

We had hit a road block. We had all these products and variations and options and colors but, no matter what we tried we couldn't ever cater for everyone and offer them a easy solution to their request. Scratching our heads and browsing the app store on Shopify we stumbled across BOLD Custom Orders and boy am I glad we did!!!

This simple to use, very effective and ridiculously affordable app just added a $10,000 back-end to our website! WHAT! This was like a new day in the wedding world business for us. Now we can taylor and design any package, anyway, anytime for anyone. Beautiful.

Te next day I had a phone call from a Bride asking if she could add on some flowers for her upcoming wedding, within a few minutes I had created her order, emailed her a BOLD Custom Order invoice and within 10 mins the funds were processing in our account. The process was quick and easy and not just for us, the customers love it too! In-fact I have people now requesting that I send them "One of those invoices" as it just makes life better.

A few questions we always ask ourselves when we download a new app...

Do we need this?

Will it help make us money?

What are the advantages?

Will it improve my life?

Rarely can I answer YES to all the above but with BOLD Custom Orders it's different.

It's simple, effective and to top it all off it has a great team of people who have your back anytime you need them.


Simply put: I could not run my shop without the Custom Order App!! As a custom invitation and stationery retailer, I need to provide my customers with both custom options and custom pricing - a function I could not do with Shopify alone.

I can create custom orders and send to my customers for payment very easily! My customers appreciate the fact that all they need to do is click the link contained in the email that the app generates which brings them to their own cart for very easy checkout.

Also, the app allows me to generate invoices for a 50% deposit, followed by a second invoice for the balance -- allowing me the flexibility to adjust pricing up or down based on changes to the order during the proofing process.

This app allows me to generate accurate orders and invoices as well as a quick and easy checkout for my customers -- which means I get paid faster!!

Great app -- recommend highly!


Hassle free installation, template was updated faster than he 3 day timeline the team had promised, informative and helpful emails. Well done Bold Apps!


The app is great. However, if you are suddenly faced with 100 orders, each order has to be manually updated. There is no bulk update feature. Nor is there a page jump feature so you can go directly to a page that contains orders that need updating. It definitely solves a lot of problems but asking for an individual update for each order is tedious and time consuming. I could probably type a personal email to each customer in the same amount of time. We eliminated customer accounts so that everyone would see the same status and it is nice that customers can easily see the status of their order. Just wish we didn't have to go in every 24 hours and manually update 100 or more orders.


Very easy to install, I didn't do it however, but I just asked Bold Apps to do it and even though it came up as a 3 day turn around it was done in less than 24 hours and super easy! def worth the $10!

I've used other Bold Apps too and so far I've loved all of them.


Great app!


So easy to use and very necessary to get paid easily and quickly for our array of custom services and discount sales.
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