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Recomatic Related Products

Recomatic Related Products

  • Make your store easier to browse by showing related products.
  • Stay focused on your business: everything is entirely automatic.
  • See your sales increase as a result.

Why every store needs a recommendation module.

When it comes to selling online, design decisions should be focused on making your customers find your products as quickly as possible, as well as presenting them in a meaningful and attractive way. You already have a navigation menu organizing your products by categories? Sometimes even a search bar? But often your customers don’t exactly know what they’re looking for; instead, they start browsing, and if nothing gets their attention, they get frustrated and leave without buying anything.

If you have too much products to display them effectively in one single page, Recomatic smoothens the browsing experience of your customers, by adding a recommendation module presenting them products they’ll be interested in on product and cart pages. This allows them to easily jump from one product to another and find what they were looking for in less time, making them more likely to buy.

Focus on your business, not on configuration.

You’re already busy maintaining your product base, making sure your descriptions and visuals are helpful and attractive, fulfilling orders and answering to customers. You certainly have no time for manually choosing what to recommend with what, and do it again every time you add or remove a product.

Recomatic automatically does all this work for you. It uses past orders data, products descriptions and titles, tags and categories. It’s always in sync with your product base and it learns from your customers.

One price for the whole thing.

$34 a month makes Recomatic affordable for all sizes of stores. No higher plans with funny names. No second-class customers.

Try it now with our 14 day free trial.

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Great product. Highly recommended. Daniel was very helpful with all my questions.

Love, love, love this app!!

Great app, and probably the best customer support I've had with these apps. Also, works seamlessly with mobile versions. Good development path too.

Wow, I am so impressed with the awesome customer service on this app. Daniel is amazing, he answered our questions quickly and then worked closely with our programmer to make the Recomatic app work for us. (Our suggested products show up as different thumbnail sizes - squares and rectangles - and Recomatic allowed us to customize the suggested products into both sizes so the thumbnails weren't skewed).
I am impressed by the flexibility of the app and by the immediate and high quality customer service.

Recomatic has unparalleled service and responsiveness, on top of a great app that will easily increase your conversions and overall shopping cart dollars. We highly recommend this app -- worth every penny!

Recomatic has been extremely easy to use and set up. The support team at Recomatic was able to set up our recommended items seamlessly which allowed the widget to stay within the theme of our store. Customer service has been quick and responsive.

Great app, saves you a ton of time and brings in extra sales. Highly recommended.

After extensively testing most of the extensions on the market for a sophisticated product recommendation framework, this one is by far the best option available out there for Shopify. As the UI/UX Designer for Herschel Supply's two online stores, I have employed the app for almost a year without ever looking back. Its integration is seamless, the analytics reveal heavy customer usage, and the support is just incredible — with Daniel frequently going above and beyond his call of duty. Overall, highly recommended!

(Note: For those looking for a responsive solution — although it's not straight out-of-the-box responsive, it can be in minutes with a few additional stylesheet declarations.)

This app is pretty great and the customer support team is outstanding. Maybe the best customer support team I've ever encountered?

The greatest custom support: customer support was so quick and responsive and handled my moderately complex request to output tags and product type in the title of this widget so that my product titles looked exactly the way I wanted them to. They wrote me back within 24 hours every single time I wrote them, were courteous and insightful

One feature that I'd love to see Recomatic add: product pairings, so that you can specify which products show up when someone is on a product page instead of relying on the algorithm

Support: 5 stars
Product: 5 stars
Respond speed: 5 stars
Usefulness: 5 stars

Will highly recommend to any online store.

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