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  • Seamlessly import inventory from your store to RetailTower
  • List your products on the popular shopping engines; Google, Bing, Thefind etc..
  • Reach millions of prospective shoppers..

Sell more on shopping engines
RetailTower provides seamless integration between your store and shopping comparison engines. We automate feed submission to the popular shopping engines such as Google, Amazon, Bing, TheFind etc. Selling on these popular channels will increase your store’s online reach and help drive sales.

Extend your reach on Facebook
With our ShopPlus feature, you can start reaching friends by creating Facebook fanpage stores.

See our Facebook stores demo

  • Install now and list your products where shoppers are shopping!

  • Be part of the thousand's of retailers who've successfully increased their visibility on comparison engines by using RetailTower
  • For more information
    Visit our website http://www.retailtower.com

    Visit our support page; Support

    Email us at support@retailtower.com

    Reviews (110)

    Great starting app however it needs work if you configure the fields for a feed it does not always save and can some times be re-written randomly and give incorrect info which creates headaches and additional work, also it some times picks up the incorrect information for instance i have a shirt configured as a shirt and it defines the category as a flask. I will then fix it and save it however when asked to refresh or add new data it reverts to its old self. I suggest manually downloading a feed and using that as a base and manually maintaining it

    I use this app from 8 month in 2 different websites for google shopping. It's very easy to configure your product and export in google merchant center.

    Great App for getting started with a new store.

    Overall this app gets the job done, but it takes some work to figure it out. I've been able to generate feeds for Google Shopping after a lot of trial and error. Good app, but not the most user-friendly or reliable.

    The application is actually quite slow but if you give it time, it works. As for support: I submitted a ticket and got response and resolution the next day. I'm happy...

    This just wasted an 1.5 hours of my time. I tried to set up one feed for The Find. The instructions made no sense. Messing around and Googling for better information didn't work either.


    Doesn't seem to import products, keeps freezing up. Uninstalling now.

    customer service is poor. I am currently trying to find something else to switch to. I also purchase the monthly service, and now am having a hard time canceling it.
    UPDATE: STILL trying to cancel my monthly basic subscription and get no response. The phone number is not working, and they do not reply to my emails. BEWARE of this company! I signed up for the basic plan because the service rep Rinkart Ashby said he could easily set up my data feeds to google and amazon - neither are working and 3 months have gone by! He has stopped responding to emails and i cant seem to get ahold of anyone to cancel my subscription. I will be going to the Better Business Bureau today to file a complaint.
    NEW UPDATE: Still trying to cancel my subscription - and now i have to change my card and all my business info because they keep charging my card the monthly fee....BUYER BEWARE - THIS IS A FRAUDULENT COMPANY THAT WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND NOT RESPOND. THE PHONE NUMBER HAS A VOICE THAT SAYS IT IS BUSY AND TO CALL BACK - THEY DONT ANSWER OR ACKNOWLEDGE EMAILS....
    FINAL UPDATE: After months of trying to get ahold of Retail Tower to cancel my subscription, i had to persistently hound Shopify to get involved after they initially tried to say they had no power to do anything about it. After vowing to "go to the top shopify person" with this I finally go some response from Shopify and they connected me with a great guy who said he would help me. After Shopify got involved, RetailTower finally cancelled my subscription and gave me a refund for 2 of the 4 months that there were fraudulently charging my card. In the meantime, I had to cancel my business credit card that they had on file in attempts to get them to stop charging my card. I spent countless hours emailing, filing complaints, etc against them. So, with all that - I WOULD AVOID RETAIL TOWER AND BY ALL MEANS - DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A MONTHLY BASIC OR ANY SERVICE WITH THEM!!

    You cannot import a product with more than one variant to your feeds. For example, if you sell shoes and carry multiple sizes you can only import ONE SIZE. If they solve this problem, I will defiantly try their app again.

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