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Saasu Integration for Shopify by OneSaas

Saasu Integration for Shopify by OneSaas

  • When you make a sale in Shopify, OneSaas creates an invoice in Saasu
  • OneSaas creates a new or updates an existing contact associated with the invoice
  • OneSaas will create a product from a sale on the fly if it is not already in Saasu

Want Shopify and Saasu to get along?

Forget about cut and paste. Connect your applications and start synchronizing

OneSaas integrates with more than 50 cloud applications; CRM, Email Marketing, Accounting, Billing, Invoicing, eCommerce stores and more. There's no need to download excel spreadsheets or match up CSV files. Connect your apps and synchronize your data!

Set up everything you need in minutes, not hours

Spend less time on manual processes. More time on business.

Setting up your account is easy and OneSaas will guide you along the way. A typical integration can take 10-15 minutes to set up. Once you've set up everything the way you want it we'll keep the data across your business up-to-date and in synch.

No expensive set up fees and no contracts

Save money on custom integrations and save time on manual processes

OneSaas integration plans range from $10 - $35 per month. There are no obligations and no fixed contracts. You're in control and have the flexibility to change your applications and the data being synchronized whenever you need to.


You can choose the data from Shopify you want to connect:


  • Synchronize customer details between Shopify and your accounting application, including creating, updating and deleting contacts between systems based on rules you set.

  • De-duplicate and merge contacts and capitalize names during retrieval to improve data quality


  • Retrieve products from Shopify and create or update them in the accounting service.

  • Complete Inventory Management when connected to an accounting application with inventory management.


  • Retrieve all Orders from Shopify for Accounting integrations.

  • Apply Tax information on the orders.

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