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  • One-click printing, Shopify orders sync directly to shipping labels
  • Save up to 46% with the best USPS rates
  • Easy carrier integration with USPS, UPS and FedEx

Shopify + ShippingEasy = the right combination for easy, fast, inexpensive shipping

Shopify syncs automatically with ShippingEasy, downloading in all your order details in minutes and helping you assign shipping preferences, rates and delivery options in real-time. No cut and paste. No manual updates.

Save up to 46%

Finally, access to competitive USPS rates – in fact, the cheapest around.   For example: USPS Priority Mail: Medium Flat Rate box: retail $12.35, our price: $10.65 – a savings of $1.70 on a single shipment. Built in savings! All part of the service.

Ship like a Fortune 500 company

Advanced processes let you automate your process and then ship fast.  Some of our Shopify users favorite features include:

  • FREE plan for smaller merchants shipping less than 50 packages per month (or to trial your first 50 shipments)

  • MULTI-CARRIER SHIPPING from a single screen: UPS, FedEx and USPS labels generated within the app

  • Streamlined order fulfillment with BATCH processing and print functionality

  • Auto-populate customs forms and simplify INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS

  • REAL TIME UPDATES back to your Shopify store, including shipping status and tracking numbers

  • EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS to your customers (optional) with tracking numbers reducing queries and reassuring buyers

  • 1 CLICK RETURNS using original shipment settings and PDF straight to your customer for easy print and send

  • Easy processing of NON-STORE ORDERS for those originating outside your store (eg markets, retail store)

  • A friendly, helpful, available SERVICE TEAM a phone call or email away: 1-888-603-9495; support@shippingeasy.com

Get connected, fast.

As a growing business, you know the importance of selling on multiple places and integrating with multiple carriers.  That’s why we integrate with the following companies:

  • USPS

  • FedEx

  • UPS

  • Shopify (of course!)

  • Amazon

  • eBay

  • Etsy

  • Jane.com

  • Newegg

  • PayPal

  • Storenvy

  • Stitch Labs

  • …and more!

Reviews (103)

Shipping Easy made it possible for us to continue shipping a personalized MESSAGE Teddy Bear to our special customers! Shipping Easy costs are reasonable and affordable. Their customer service is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you Shipping Easy! nancy@MessageTeddyBear.com

We love ShippingEasy! It makes the whole process of fulfillment simple and painless. The name truly does say it all!!

Its by far the best app for my business. My business runs smooth. It handles all of my shipping needs. Any time i needed help, they respond right away.

Love it!!

What an amazing company and an amazing app. It integrates so easily with Shopify it makes shipping so easy. (I guess that's how they came up with the name) Before ShippingEasy, all orders were placed manually. Each label was created in photoshop, printed, then taken to the post office, paid for and shipped out. Now we use ShippingEasy for our store CalmSupport.com and it's beyond simple. It automates everything from labels, to allowing our customers to choose which shipping option they want. It then emails the customers with tracking numbers and fulfills the order. I'd have to say it cuts down about 90% of the work. The best part? The shipping cost through ShippingEasy.com is about half of what I was paying at the post office! It's worth every penny!

Just a brilliant app, and it saves us so much time, effort and consternation. It even auto-generates the right international Customs forms, and lets us easily customize them on the fly (USPS Priority Mail International). A "no-brainer."

Excellent app and works great! I highly recommend it if you do a lot of shipping. It really smooths out the process with a few simple clicks.

Integration with our Shopify site was absolutely trivial. The workflow to shipping is automated and clear as can be. Postage rates are excellent. I don't think I could have wished for a better shipping match for my shopify store!

What can I say other than these guys are awesome! They've saved us from certain disaster on more than one occasion and my company simply couldn't exist without them. They're always working to improve the product, which is already amazing, and it gets better all the time. If only all the companies we work with had the same standard of customer service as we have for our own company...ShippingEasy does.

Everything has been smooth sailing so far and I really couldn't ask for more - integrates with Shopify so well and makes the shipping process SO much easier. Really easy interface and nice and clean which I appreciate!

This Free App is the perfect choice for start-up Shopify stores. Interface is clean and friendly, system is well organized and powerful. Easy to use and works great! The most important thing is, their customer service is the best!

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