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  • One-click printing, Shopify orders sync directly to shipping labels
  • Save up to 46% with the best USPS rates
  • Easy carrier integration with USPS, UPS and FedEx

Shopify + ShippingEasy = the right combination for easy, fast, inexpensive shipping

Shopify syncs automatically with ShippingEasy, downloading in all your order details in minutes and helping you assign shipping preferences, rates and delivery options in real-time. No cut and paste. No manual updates.

Save up to 46%

Finally, access to competitive USPS rates – in fact, the cheapest around.   For example: USPS Priority Mail: Medium Flat Rate box: retail $12.35, our price: $10.65 – a savings of $1.70 on a single shipment. Built in savings! All part of the service.

Ship like a Fortune 500 company

Advanced processes let you automate your process and then ship fast.  Some of our Shopify users favorite features include:

  • FREE plan for smaller merchants shipping less than 50 packages per month (or to trial your first 50 shipments)

  • MULTI-CARRIER SHIPPING from a single screen: UPS, FedEx and USPS labels generated within the app

  • Streamlined order fulfillment with BATCH processing and print functionality

  • Auto-populate customs forms and simplify INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS

  • REAL TIME UPDATES back to your Shopify store, including shipping status and tracking numbers

  • EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS to your customers (optional) with tracking numbers reducing queries and reassuring buyers

  • 1 CLICK RETURNS using original shipment settings and PDF straight to your customer for easy print and send

  • Easy processing of NON-STORE ORDERS for those originating outside your store (eg markets, retail store)

  • A friendly, helpful, available SERVICE TEAM a phone call or email away: 1-888-603-9495; support@shippingeasy.com

Get connected, fast.

As a growing business, you know the importance of selling on multiple places and integrating with multiple carriers.  That’s why we integrate with the following companies:

  • USPS

  • FedEx

  • UPS

  • Shopify (of course!)

  • Amazon

  • eBay

  • Etsy

  • Jane.com

  • Newegg

  • PayPal

  • Storenvy

  • Stitch Labs

  • Sears

  • …and more!

ShippingEasy reviews (125)


Best app we use. Saved us so much time and money. Thanks!


Great shipping app.


I love this app. Their customer support is fantastic (you call, they answer, and help) -- but even more impressive is the speed of updates / features. They pump out new features incredibly quickly, and even added a small feature that I called in to request on the phone! All I can say is wow.


One of the BEST shipping apps out there


Too bad it doesn't work for Canada based businesses looks like I have to have a US address to use this App.


Shipping Easy was a perfect service for many months, then in the last 4 weeks they seem to have fallen apart. After an overnight "update" our templates were corrupted, our logo was distorted, some information went missing from out packing lists, and every time they try to fix it something else goes wrong. It's been buggy for 4 weeks now, and even with repeated calls and hours on the phone with their support people, they can't seem to fix the system. Lately they have been failing to update our Shopify store when orders ship, and on the packing lists we see "Liquid Error: wrong number of arguments (1 for 2)" which is ridiculous. We're getting ready to swtich...we can't put up with this anymore.


I rarely writes review.... However, kudos must be given to Shipping Easy!

I've been using Shipping Easy for over a year now and it's .... easy. All of my orders from Shopify are synced seamlessly and my customers are immediately updated when I complete a shipping label. We take in-person orders and having the Manual Option at no additional charge is awesome! I have the option to add my Etsy account as well for a small monthly fee. If you don't use Shipping Easy yet, you should.

Thanks for making a great app!


Shipping Easy cut our shipping time by half while also saving us money on USPS Priority Mail shipping.


Where have you been all our lives?! =) We love Shipping Easy! Before we used USPS Click n Ship and had to manually enter EVERYTHING! Plus we could only ship Priority mail from home. We'd have to go to the post office and stand in line to do our 1st class/media mail shipments. But NOW shipping easy lets us do everything from home!! It is FANTASTIC! Super easy to use too! Thank you Shipping Easy for helping this non profit be more efficient!


Out of all the shipping companies I called, Shipping Easy are head and shoulders above the rest for prompt customer service. Instead of sitting on the phone listening to shrill and tinny muzak whilst waiting for them, you reach someone almost immediately. Website is user friendly and if you get stuck , they guide you on your way in no time. What a breath of fresh air they are. Pro active in solving issues and also so courteous. Love em.

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