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Stitch Labs

Stitch Labs

  • Increase sales with powerful reports and actionable insights to make smart business decisions quickly
  • Automate your business operations with popular add-ons to manage shipping, accounting & more
  • Quickly integrate and sync your offline & online sales channels, including Etsy, eBay & Amazon

Activate Stitch and Shopify to maintain inventory control and increase sales

Stitch is the must have app to manage your business.

Manage all of your orders, inventory, customers, and sales channels in real-time with powerful, actionable reports and key insights. Increase sales, boost productivity, and get organized - more effectively than ever before!

Stitch is the solution for you no matter where you sell.
- Shopify exclusively
- Shopify & online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy
- Shopify & offline (e.g. wholesale, tradeshows, street fairs)

Create a customized all-in-one business management suite.

It's FREE to connect popular add-ons, such as ShipStation, QuickBooks, Xero, and PayPal. Get paid quickly and directly using our PayPal eInvoicing feature. batch print shipping labels for all major carriers with ShipStation. Breeze through taxes and accounting by integrating Stitch with Xero.

Streamline sales - online and offline - no matter where you sell.

Our simple centralized inventory management system communicates with all the ways you sell (Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, wholesale, consignment, trunk shows, etc.) so that all your sales information is in one place and you can analyze your business in an easy and effective way. Automatically generate invoices, packing slips and line sheets as well as easily track expenses.

What else will you love about Stitch?

There's so much about Stitch our customers love (check out our reviews!). Some of their favorites are:
  • Shopify POS integration!
  • Multi-Warehousing. Manage multiple warehouses and multiple stores from one place.
  • Customized Communications. Send purchase orders (POs, invoices, and more) directly from Stitch.
  • Profit and Costing Reports. Choose from more than 30 reports to get the data you need.

    How does Stitch work for multi-channel sellers?

    Imagine all of your sales information in one place. What used to take tons of time and the hassle to log back into Shopify every time you sold something is now fully automated, happens while you are sleeping, and in just a couple of seconds.

    • Imagine you just made a sale on your Shopify store.

    • Immediately, Stitch updates the inventory levels in Shopify and any other sales channels you have specified. Eliminate the risk of overselling your products.

    • Seconds later, that sale (including all buyer information, listings, addresses, payments, and more) are automatically built in Stitch.

    • Compare and analyze sales data from this sale and sales across all of your sales channels to make smart business decisions with easy-to-read reports.

    Using ShipStation or Xero, too? After the sale, the sales information from Stitch flows into ShipStation and Xero to make fulfilling your orders easy and your accountant happy.

    Test drive Stitch for FREE. As a savvy Shopify store owner, experience Stitch’s power without limits for 21 days.

  • Sellers OUTSIDE the UK & USA - Stitch DOES NOT yet support other countries. We didn't know this, installed stitch and spent way too many hours trying to make it work. We've emailed stitch on numerous occasions for assistance and they've always been great with fast responses, but they finally did say that they do not support countries outside of the UK & USA.

    It looked like a great program to control the inventory between our shopify site and ebay store which is registered in Australia but sells worldwide on all ebay sites. I just wish it worked for us!

    We found that stitch would take products out of stock (when they were still in stock) causing us to lose our ebay sales history (thus higher rankings) and we're currently trying to clean up the mess it made when it put $6000+ worth of orders back in our awaiting postage section (although they were posted). I have no idea how this happened but hope that as Stitch grows it will be able to integrate other countries and fix these issues.

    I'll certainly revisit this program once I know it can support an Australian store - which I hope is soon!

    Stitch has been a huge asset to support Shopify in tracking inventory costs and data. What I love about some of these cloud based tools like Stitch and Shopify is how they continue to get better everyday as they both have great teams constantly working to improve the tools for their customers needs.

    We have enjoyed working with the Stitch team in integrating our store. We use Shopify POS for our brick and mortar and the regular shopify for our website, and using Stitch in tandem has be a great asset. Thanks all around!

    Stitch is like my personal assistant, and then some! I started on Etsy, then moved up to Shopify as business grew, but kept the Etsy shop. We never could find a way to keep track of inventory between shops but Stitch handles this beautifully. Inventory is a breeze once you get used to the layout. There's more information available that I may ever use, but anything I do need is there. Reports, Customers, Invoices, and now Purchase Orders, they handle everything for me.

    Syncing with ShipStation means I never have to type another address, or even import orders (as I once did with Stamps.com). Everything is done quietly behind the scenes and I can never go back!

    It is a cilché, but the only problem with Stitch is that I did not find it sooner. We sell on Shopify, eBay, and Amazon, and prior to Stitch we had no integration. Thanks to Stitch, we have been able to dramatically increase our SKU offering while simplifying out business. Now I never have to worry about accidentally selling a hot item on one platform because the inventory is off.

    It is important to note that Stitch is MUCH more than just inventory management. It includes simple yet powerful reporting tools that can give you on-the-fly snapshots of how you are doing. Prior to Stitch, it would take me minutes to compile data just to figure out how our daily sales were doing...now it takes seconds.

    My only other caveat is that, like any ERP system (yes, I consider Stitch to be our ERP!), garbage in yields garbage out. So just be careful with how you set things up, and if you don't understand something, just ask them for help!

    When we do run into issues, the support we receive from Stitch is phenomenal. Everyone at Stitch is sharp and they understand their product.

    Ironically, a salesman from Channel Advisor called me right before I started this review. If you don't know Channel Advisor, it is a ludicrously priced and bloated alternative to Stitch. The guy had never heard of Stitch, but if I worked at Channel Advisor, I would be having nightmares about Stitch.

    We bolted ShipStation on top of Stitch and could not be happier with our setup. Thanks to ShipStation and Stitch, we have increased our sales by around 20% while reducing our workload.

    Wonderful customer service, great platform to use. Integrates so well with Shopify and Shipstation. Would totally recommend this!

    Huge fan of Stitch, this and ShipStation make life easy.

    I started using Stitch Labs in 2011 and it quickly became the center of my business. It was easy to branch out to new sales channels when I was ready, confident in the knowledge that Stitch was managing inventory availability across them.

    You need to invest some time to get things set up and to learn the ins and outs of the system, and there are parts of the workflow I think could be more efficient -- but overall it's powerful, easy to use and the support is fantastic.

    I really like this app, even if I don't take full advantage of all of the features. Stitch Labs is also very responsive to my emails. I've been able to seamless track my inventory in 3 stores, including Shopify with no problems. My only issue is reconciling stock with available stock, but I've made it work. I would recommend this app.

    Stitch has been very helpful in making our operations run much more efficiently. It has been reliable and gave us enough flexibility and functionality to cover all our needs. We're looking forward to features that will make it even better.

    The App has great potential, and fantastic features but it does not fully work yet, having serious bugs.

    1) Foreign Characters

    As soon as we had orders with foreign characters the whole printout features stopped working i.e. packing slips, orders, invoices etc. all.
    This is not just corresponding to one document, it inables the features to print all documents.

    So if you have a customer living abroad say in Zürich or a foreign names such as Åsa or Krüger in one of your orders you are up for serious issues.

    The team say's this is not priority, and a fix is not yet scheduled, so warning watch out ! Work around is possible to print via Shopify, but it's rather ugly and time consuming.

    2) Sync Shopify

    The Shopify sync is not yet all seamless, it works to a certain extent, but mostly in one direction. Which means if you latter does changes in as for example names or articles this will not have an impact in both systems which long term can generate big mess and quite some trouble.

    We hope for improvment so the software get's to the level where it should be, as it really shows great potential.

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