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  • Reduce credit card fraud and chargebacks
  • Automate order screening
  • Speed up manual review and validation

SUBUNO: Fraud Prevention Simplified

Subuno is a fraud prevention platform that helps merchants reduce fraud, prevent chargeback and save money. Design and built for small businesses, Subuno aims to remove the headaches of fraud so that merchants can focus on operating safer, more efficient and more profitable stores. Subuno complements and adds an additional layer of protection on top of Shopify Risk Assessment Tools.

Detect more fraud, accept more orders.

Using Subuno, merchants can get started quickly and within minutes, begin to flag suspect orders for additional review automatically. Merchants can also easily design and customize their order processing workflow to fit specific needs. By combining different tools and data in one place, Subuno helps merchants get a bird’s eye view of the transaction, streamlining the review process for quicker, informed decisions.

Protect your store and increase your bottom line with Subuno!

Subuno offers over 50+ different checks/tools that complements Shopify’s current risk assessment analysis. These tools include:

  • IP Geolcoation - accurately pinpoint the physical location where customer made the purchase

  • Proxy Detection - stop suspicious orders coming from proxies

  • BIN Validation - know the issuing country and bank of the credit card charged

  • Phone ID verification - verifiy the customer’s name and address matches what is on record for the phone number

  • Phone Type - identify high risk phone types (e.g. non-fixed VOIP, pre-paid cell)

  • Email ID Verification - verify the email address and associated identity information such as name and address

  • Data Linkage - tap into the power of the community to make sure fraudsters don’t strike twice

  • Quick access to free web tools like google maps, white pages, spokeo, and social network searches

  • …and many more.

With these additional points of analysis, you can feel more secure about accepting online orders.

Subuno reviews (19)


If Fraud Prevention is on your radar then seriously consider this app. Prior to this app we had a number of fraud issues and like any small business fraud can really hurt. Both in terms of money and reputation. This app has helped us manage this and now not only prevent fraud, but also provides a level of oversight to highlight transactions that may be fraudulent. This has given us some assurance when making decisions whether to accept or reject certain transactions. The app does what it says. Definitely recommended.


This is a great app! Subuno made pinpointing fraudulent order a breeze and helped us save time and money. I must also mention that the level of support is simply outsanding. The Subuno team was always one step ahead to tweak filters and configurations to match our business needs. Well done!


This is great app. It have saved us thousands of hours that we used to take reviewing good and bad orders that we used to do manually.


As a seller of digital goods, I find that Subuno is very useful for preventing unauthorized or fraudulent transactions through even PayPal. It integrates multiple fraud prevention services in addition to its own capabilities. I use it for every transaction made.


Thanks, I have just implemented Subuno to my site and it works a treat.

Thank you.


This is an essential tool for online markets, the amount of detailed information you receive is incredible! We would be losing thousands of dollars from fraudulent orders, and this app has helped us to reduce fraud to almost ZERO!! I love this app and would recommend this to any online application that accepts credit card orders.


It's a great app. I use it since some days and I already can see all my game sales statistic. At the moment I use the free plan but I guess I will sign up for the pro version.

I have to check the detected risky payments by hand.
The success rate of people trying to pay with hacked accounts of got lower. If there is a risky order I will ask the person for idcard.


I was having a stream of fraudulent orders and none of my filters were working. I started using Subuno and with the help of their team, they very quickly informed me why I was getting these orders and how to stop them. I am now almost 4 weeks in without getting any more orders. Very helpful team.


Fraud is never an issue until it happens to you. Make sure you stay one step ahead and prevent fraud in your store with this app. Great support and great features.


Before we had this app, we were having issues with Fraud that were costing us thousands of pounds, now with Subuno flagging potential fraudulent orders this doesn't happen anymore. Very helpful at customising the set up to our exact company needs. Brilliant customer service. Overall, amazing app, a MUST HAVE for everyone.

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