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  • See your entire store history in a single view
  • Quickly access your most important data with daily E-mail reports
  • Connect all your e-commerce, social, and email marketing data in one place

Join the 40,000 companies using SumAll

Big data is changing the landscape of of the online economy. Large companies spend millions of dollars each year on data experts and software to adapt in a fast paced market. Now, Shopify users can get the same insights streamed live and delivered daily with SumAll.

Everything that’s important to you, with nothing that’s not.

See the entire history of your Shopify sales, units sold, top-selling products, and more all in one secure, convenient place. New discoveries made daily.

Your data delivered daily to your inbox.

Get all your vital data sent to your inbox with our customized daily and weekly e-mails. Key takeaways, important insights, and comparisons from the prior week to the present are all included. If you’re away on a business trip or not in the office, you’ll never be out of the loop.

All the services you use. One click away.

SumAll is the only reporting tool in the Shopify App Store that can visualize your social, commerce, payment, email marketing, paid ads, and SEO data in one place. Our intuitive approach to data can help you spot weekly, monthly, and seasonal sales patterns as they occur as well as tell you if your Facebook posting and tweeting is driving traffic and revenue.

The only tool you need.

Connect multiple Shopify stores along with all the other e-commerce platforms you use such as eBay, PayPal, Amazon, and more. One stop and you’re up to speed in minutes.

More goals means more achievements.

Set multiple goals and crush them; track your progress in real-time to make sure you’re where you should be. More targets to hit – and more to achieve.


For support, visit our dedicated support page, email us at support@sumall.com, or give us a call at (917) 719-0255. As we fine-tune our product during our beta launch, SumAll is free!

This App is amazing! I can't express my feelings enough.

First off, its free!

They send you daily and weekly updates and statistics. It adapts to google analytics, tells you how much you have spent for advertising, compares all stats from the day before and the week before… and after a year, it shows you stats from the year before. I truly enjoy it. Seeing numbers encourages you to do better. Since SumAll, I've been more motivated then before.

J. Wright

A great tool for analytics, with deep integration of every app you need!
and the best thing - it's free!

I'm editing my original review because all my issues were sorted out by Korey and Tommy. It appears there was an error preventing me from seeing the app working correctly. Now the app is performing as it should and all around a great experience from a lackluster one. All because of their stellar customer service!

Love it - gives me info I didn't know existed in a concise and nicely presented manner. It has made my analysis of sales and social media campaigns much easier.

SumAll has been great for watching sales, social media subscribers, email subscribers, and more. I'm happy now to find the export to csv option. Simple and effective!

I don't find it particularly useful, but it does what it says.

A lot of data in a simplified format, great app.

The best cross platform analytics app out there. Super easy and well designed interface make it a powerful tool especially for finding multi platform correlations that you didn't even know were out there. See if facebook likes increase traffic or conversions, how about how does adwords impressions correlate to actual sales even if the tracker isn't catching it, etc. very web 2.0 interface.

This is an amazing app. It makes trying several data sources together simple. the interface is great. I use it all the time.

Awesome user interface. The more you connect to it, the easer it is to draw actionable insights.

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