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The Hello Bar

The Hello Bar

The Hello Bar is a simple notification bar for your website that delivers your message and drives more clicks.

You can use Hello Bar to create a notification bar at the top of your store telling visitors about your products or promoting a call to action. The Hello Bar Shopify app allows you to deploy your Hello Bar to your store without having to edit any code.

A different bar can be deployed at any time or the message of an existing bar can be updated without having to change any other settings.

Please auto the code to the theme. i have to find the place to add the code.

Easy to use and free - Thanks Hello Bar!

Great app to attract subscribers. I love the non-invasive and elegant design of the bar!

I'm a big fan of Hello Bar! A great way of displaying your free shipping messages on your website and good styling options too. A must have app!!

I love Hello Bar. Beautiful product. Easy integration. Truly free to get started. Once you get some traffic, the pricing is fair & simple.

I’m a fan of the Hello Bar with all of the styling options that are offered. I’m super particular with styling elements on my website, and the Hello Bar allowed me to create a bar that works with the overall look and feel of my site. In terms of pricing, my site is new and traffic is building, so I’m able to work off of the free plan for now. As for the review below mentioning a one-time payment upfront for lifetime usage, I confirmed with the company that is currently not a payment option.

I was really pleased with the app until I was notified that I had exceeded the amount of clicks in just one day and realized the pricing didn't make any sense. I'd probably continue to use it if there was a flat rate monthly fee for an unlimited amount of clicks.

Excellent app, although sometimes it doesnt load.
I don't understand why anyone complains about the cost per click, I find the bar useful just to display important selling points or special offers without needing them to click anything. It even scrolls down the page, you can have your selling points/ trust signals in front of the customer the whole time. I have my call to actions on the page already.

I agree that a cost per click pricing model is really stupid. However, there's an option to just buy the code outright for a one time purchase of $29. Cool app, and $29 for lifetime use is very fair.

This is a great tool, but the price is whack. #OccupyHelloBar - I could probably hire someone on the forums to build me this for cheaper than what I'd pay for in clicks.

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