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Variant Images

Variant Images

  • Use existing images for your variants
  • Works with any theme
  • Decrease buyer confusion

Variant Images is a free app that lets you assign images for each of your variants. For example, if a customer is browsing your store and they select a "beige" couch, the main image will change to the photo of a "beige" couch.

This reassures your customers which version of the product they are purchasing and offers a nicer overall user experience.

All you have to do is select which product images belong to each variant and it will automatically edit your theme. It's that easy.

If you are having trouble with your particular theme, fill out this form and we will look into the issue.

Reviews (94)

Does not work. Made sure the images were linked to the application and the application just does not do what it is intended to do.

It used to work but issues had started a little over a month ago and ever since, has completely stopped working.

Shopify needs to step in to fix this.

Question :-This app provided to select only one variant image I want to select multiple images per variants .is this possible?please guide me.thanx in advance.is there any paid app for multipleimages per variants ?

1.no paid app.
2.No, there are limits to the capabilities.only select one image.
3. http://experts.shopify.com can handle development of apps and ifyou want to create an app yourself you will need to create a partners account; http://www.shopify.com/partners

Awesome app, only problem I've had with it is the fact that it doesn't work on a secure connection (when the site is accessed via `https`), this needs sorting but other than that it's great.

Doesn't Work. Creates a weird lightbox, and doesn't swap images with variant selection. Bummer...

Worked for a few days and then mysteriously stopped working. I made no changes to the code during that time. I need this to work badly but apparently Shopify isn't listening to the hundreds of complaints in the reviews, on their support forums, and elsewhere.

Come on, Shopify!!! Fix this and make the consumer-selected images appear ALL THE WAY THROUGH the buying process - not just in the cart, but in the checkout as well!! It's ridiculous that you still haven't built this into the platform, as it is a basic on other e-commerce platforms. I, too had to add snippets of code to make this work in the cart AND I had to hide the images in the checkout stage. The fact that so many users have repeatedly told you that it confuses the consumer and jeopardizes a sale should be enough. Period. There should be no glitches like this hindering online shoppers. So frustrating.

Not even working... I've used this on other sites, and while funky, I have gotten it to work fine. For some reason I can put in the code tweaks to the theme files and get it to change menu options when each image is clicked on, but can't get the images to change when selecting menu options. Isn't that the main point of the plugin? Not sure where to go from here...

Installed this app last week (into our minimal theme) and it's wonderful. Does exactly what I needed.

As for two of the "problems" that others have referred to previously:

1. Does not send the Variant pic to the shopping cart. It displays during purchase on the product page, but the Feature Photo is the one that shows in the cart (as opposed to the coloured variant). I overcame this my making the "featured photo" a generic group shot of all colours. Customers then work on the product page and see and select their preferred colour. When they move on to the Shopping Cart, they see the "generic (all colours) group photo again and their selection in highlighted in the text description Works really well.

2. Zoom feature works for me (default zoom app for minimal).with the Variants assigned. Not sure why others don't have it functioning. Was willing to forgo that feature for the benefit of variant images - and was thrilled to see that I could still use it.

Works well and would recommend it to anyone. (btw - I also have not had any problem using it with IOS 7 - tested on both an iPad and iPhone)
UPDATE - May 23/2014 - and then it Stopped working (???). No real idea why. Maybe other changes that I made to the code? But during the last couple of days found it increasingly unreliable - specifically with IOS 7 and with Zoom implemented.

Fortunately - I found this on the Shopify University site - http://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/shopify-apps/t/variant-images-swap-doesn-t-work-on-ios-196095

Seems to work under all conditions.

Image swapping when you select a variant doesn't currently work on iOS 7. Also, the script isn't included with a protocol-agnostic URL, so if you accidentally end up on the https version of your shop it won't work.

Aside from those two glitches I found, it works great!

Installed a week ago and works flawlessly with Minimal theme, Love it!

BUT be aware that it is NOT designed to work with image zoom feature- this is clearly stated and you are instructed to disable image zoom if you have it. Period.
...yes, it would be nice if it worked with zoom, but it doesn't and they don't hide that fact, so reviewers who say it's "buggy" because their 'feature image' appears when they try zoom is akin to complaining about the red car you bought not being blue enough!

Again, the fact that it doesn't show variant image in cart or check out page or that if you click on an image it doesn't change drop down to reflect that images' product is not a "bug", but rather simply something that it doesn't do (it should, but doesn't).
A quick search on the Shopify blog and I found several "fixes" for these.
I'm not a coder or very computer savvy, these fixes are easy and well documented...

1) A quick copy past of some code and now if I click on the image, the drop down changes accordingly... awesome.
2) Another quick copy paste and variant image shows in cart... great!
3) Variant image on check-out page is simply not possible on Shopify (go figure), but again a simple code eliminates images on final check-out page... I can live with that (don't really have a choice if I want variant images).

This is a simple app for allowing a SINGLE image per variant to show when one changes the drop down selection.
If you have multiple images per variant, this isn't an elegant solution, but it's your only solution. Unless you have big $$$ and can get a programming genius, then I suppose ANYTHING is possible! ;-)

Reviews scared me, but the more I read, the more I realized a lot of the negative reviews were addressing known limitations... I decided to give it a try and am happy I did. A couple of enhancement tweeks as outline above and it's exactly what I need... for FREE!

I agree with everyone on here that it's beyond comprehension that Shopify hasn't incorporated a robust variant image feature into their platform as this is such an important and basic need.
At minimum, they should beef up this app to include the tweaks for cart images and image control of drop downs (as opposed to now just controlling images with drop down... this should be 2 way street without having to copy paste code as I did). A simple check box to disable checkout images should also be part of the app if they can't get that ridiculous limitation fixed.

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