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Variant Images

Variant Images

  • Use existing images for your variants
  • Works with any theme
  • Decrease buyer confusion

Variant Images is a free app that lets you assign images for each of your variants. For example, if a customer is browsing your store and they select a "beige" couch, the main image will change to the photo of a "beige" couch.

This reassures your customers which version of the product they are purchasing and offers a nicer overall user experience.

All you have to do is select which product images belong to each variant and it will automatically edit your theme. It's that easy.

If you are having trouble with your particular theme, fill out this form and we will look into the issue.

Reviews (102)

21.08.2014 i tried and I confirm that it doesn't work at all ... Don't waste your time. This should be removed from the apps available

Useless. Doesn't work and will probably lead to shopping cart abandonment. Shopify obviously DOESN'T CARE because this issue has been around for a long time. If you don't care Shopify, then I don't care. Taking my money elsewhere. SEEEEEEEEEEYAAA!!!!!!!!!!

Read the reviews and decided to give it a go anyway as I'd love to have this function for some of my product pages.

Linked and saved images for two separate products but the app simply didn't work at all. No change to product images on the site whatsoever.

Currently using Radiance theme for anyone considering this app for use on that theme, it didn't work on my store.

Dont waste your time.
Spent hours linking images only to have it randomly stop working.
This is complete bullcrap.
Why can I assign a size, colour, price but not an image? This should be a standard function. Complete crap that I cannot do a basic function like have the correct colour product be displayed.
Not to mention even when it worked as soon as you go to the cart it displays the wrong image again.

Thought I had found a winner when I was recommended to this App from a Shopify search, should have taken closer note of the reviews. Umm hello Shopify are you listening?

Seems like this again got worse, use to work fairly well, and only when you moved the order of photos did it mess up... now who knows you can delete all photos... reupload, relink, save, etc and still only a few might work, and the others nothing...

This needs to work perfectly its pretty sad something so simple does not work.. it should not break when new images are uploaded, images are edited, or images re-arranged.

why doesn't SHOPIFY take this issue seriously and fix this APP???? I'll have no choice but to change to another platform.. I'm losing customers because this app keeps getting broken every time... FFS!!!!

Ok, I installed the app and I don't see any of the menus stated to link variants to my images. What am I doing wrong can't get it to work at all???

Does not work. Made sure the images were linked to the application and the application just does not do what it is intended to do.

It used to work but issues had started a little over a month ago and ever since, has completely stopped working.

Shopify needs to step in to fix this.

Question :-This app provided to select only one variant image I want to select multiple images per variants .is this possible?please guide me.thanx in advance.is there any paid app for multipleimages per variants ?

1.no paid app.
2.No, there are limits to the capabilities.only select one image.
3. http://experts.shopify.com can handle development of apps and ifyou want to create an app yourself you will need to create a partners account; http://www.shopify.com/partners

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