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Variant Images

Variant Images

  • Use existing images for your variants
  • Works with any theme
  • Decrease buyer confusion

Variant Images is a free app that lets you assign images for each of your variants. For example, if a customer is browsing your store and they select a "beige" couch, the main image will change to the photo of a "beige" couch.

This reassures your customers which version of the product they are purchasing and offers a nicer overall user experience.

All you have to do is select which product images belong to each variant and it will automatically edit your theme. It's that easy.

If you are having trouble with your particular theme, fill out this form and we will look into the issue.

Reviews (78)

Great idea if it worked.
It's in the top 20 apps to install and only should be promoted if it worked. Hope the bugs get worked out.

Still doesnt work with Minimal theme..... Disappointing to say the least shopify!!!!

Good app for our uk soccer shop - let us easily attend photos to one of mens t shirts , mens hoodies and sweatshirts for men

Disappointed with this plugin.

Fairly standard ecommerce feature.

Bug #1
The main first image of the product is shown, regardless of which variant image should be shown

Bug #2
The main image is always the "enlarged hover image" instead of the product variant image

Bug / Improvement #3
When the variant is switched, should that image not be cached, it takes a while for the main image to change to the variant (and now please wait spinner is displayed to end user)

Bug / Improvement #4
Variant images should be able to be attached to the actual variants. This would help with administration so that variation images would not have to be selected for each permutations of variant products.

It shouldn't take long for someone at shopify to fix these problems, and would probably solve a lot of peoples problems.

If these were fixed, I would probably give 5 stars

Works fairly well, but it needs two changes:

1) Would be nice if a thumbnail from the gallery of a specific variant would change the dropdown variant menu when selected.

eg. variants =

When green image selected to view from thumbnail of product images, variant is changed to green.

2) The image in the cart NEEDS to be the same as the variant. This is going to confuse customers when the select one colour, but another one is showing up in their cart.

I can only get this to work on one product range within my catalogue... Having said that, I am new to this, so it could be my fault... I will keep trying!

Doesn't work with minimal theme! Takes you through all the steps but upon saving it doesn't update on my website - thus the app makes no changes whatsoever - it doesn't work! To be able to create image variants is such a basic function I cannot believe that Shopify doesn't have this built in to their system as a'standard' feature - especially for the money they charge !!

It works greate with our theme. We can easily attend specific photos to specific t-shirts

Well, the Shopify "gurus" are still insisting that this works just fine with the Minimal theme and that they're not aware of any issues. So I installed it and encountered all of the same problems described in previous reviews. This is definitely NOT ready for "prime time"!

Wow! So glad we didn't 'go live' with this app running. It's better to not have it changing the images at all than to have it show the wrong images.

Great idea though, will remove it now (obviously) but would love to hear when you have it all sorted as this would suit our store, providing it was reliable.

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