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Xero by OneSaas

Xero by OneSaas

  • When you make a sale in Shopify, OneSaas creates an invoice and contact in Xero. When the customer pays, the payment is created in Xero too
  • OneSaas creates a new or updates an existing contact associated with the invoice
  • OneSaas will create new inventory items on the fly in Xero

When your business apps get along, everyone’s happy

Forget spreadsheets, time-wasting synch-ups or manual data transfers. Get OneSaas and get all your business apps talking to each other, sharing data, and making life easier. And with a free plan to trial OneSaas, you’ll be even happier.

Automatically synch your sales data from Shopify with Xero

Get these two business apps happily teamed up and making your business life easier.

Features: .

  • OneSaas connects your apps in minutes, not hours

  • OneSaas synchs your data hourly or daily (depending on your plan)

  • OneSaas lets you add other apps when needed

  • Some of the ways Xero works happily with Shopify

    • When a product is created or updated in Shopify, I want:

      - the product to be added to or updated in Xero.

    • When an order is placed in Shopify, I want:

      - the sales invoice and the contact to be created in Xero.

      - additionally, I want the customer to be created.

    • When a payment is created in Shopify, I want:

      - the payment to be created in Xero.

    Healthy data for a happier business

    OneSaas automatically makes sure the data in your apps is always the same. If anything doesn’t match, we’ll let you know – it’s all part of the service.

    No set up fees and no contracts

    Try OneSaas for free (limitations apply) and when you're ready sail into an affordable monthly plan.

    OneSaas. Now everyone’s happy

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    Not working for me and no response from support.

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