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2022년 9월 28일

Installed the app to make custom forms, once app was downloaded & i'd made a form it didn't save and reverted back to the original blank form, thought okay maybe it was a bug in the software so did another one, then that did the same thing. Wasn't able to delete forms and was getting a message that said i don't have permission to delete forms, so i signed up for gold, then still had issues with forms not saving. canceled the subscription about 20 minutes after getting it & they still charge the $25USD out. Poor form software.

EV Towing Australia
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2022년 5월 17일

Good for surveys! I really like that it offers a variety of ways to survey your customer and collect data.

Jean Josephine
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2020년 9월 4일

Editor poor, no class field or id need to open inspect browser, can't make you own row design or column. Make contact form or simple form ( very simple ) its good. Great service, but when you have difficulty with somthing, he give you link in the FAQ. Don't realy know html or any language.

Faucher Botanix
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2020년 4월 7일

I paid 8 Years (!) for 123formbuilder (earlier 123contactform), until I cancelled our subscription today.
Since we moved to shopify, it was very important to use our forms in different languages to provide a good user experience.
Unfortunately 123Formbuilder is not working with any language tool (in our case WeGlot), because they are only providing iFrames, div's, etc to embed the forms.
But language tools can not read iFrames, they can only read plain text (e.g. HTML, CSS).

Don't get me wrong, I really liked 123Formbuilder because the usability was nice. For me, back in the days. And it is still a strong tool.
But for me personally they stopped developing in the right way.
If you do search a Formbuilder that has not such a big functionality, and that is translatable, you can realize it also with e.g. Active Campaign's Formbuilder, (they are providing CSS codes to embed your forms).

I am just giving 2 Stars because I supported this tool so long without using it really, and hoped it developed more into my needs in the meanwhile.
Now where we want to step on the next level, and after a Chat that tooks around 2 hours with installing the app, and trying trying trying (and not working), I am a bit frustrated.
I was expecting more from a service I paid for years.

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2019년 10월 11일

Very underrated form-builder. This app is great! Way better than all of the other popular form builders in my opinion. :) Thanks for the great app.

Manifest Happiness
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2019년 4월 6일

The price is pretty high for the service provided, but it works well. I have tried many times to cancel my subscription, but none of their links are working.

Sew Custom Costumes
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2018년 12월 19일

We used this app to build forms for our store. It's really easy to use. We would recommend it for every store that needs any type of forms!

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2018년 11월 16일

Great app: Easy to use, Good customer support and Complex functionality! Love the conditional logic. They're also very open to what we need and willing to develop their product.
Thank you very much !!!

The Trends Geek
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2018년 10월 22일

The app is really great and the support from the devs is really great. A truly 5 star app I must say. Thank you Team 123formbuilder. Kudos.

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2018년 9월 17일

Can I give less than 1 star?

A few hours after installing, it's down. The form isn't showing, clicking 123FormBuilder in Shopify Apps gets a blank page. Nothing works.

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