1PLANET Carbon Offset

1PLANET Carbon Offset

par Climate Futures

Join the Marketplace for Climate Action. Sell Sustainably.

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Create a Sustainable Brand

Engage your customers and do your part to solve the climate crisis. 1PLANET is an easy way to show your business cares about our future.

Gain New Eco-Customers

Use our app and advertise for free in our 1PLANET Marketplace. Gain exposure and new customers that want to support sustainable business.

Green Your Entire Business

With 1PLANET you are part of an interconnected eco-system that supports climate projects and provides tools to reduce your carbon footprint.

À propos de 1PLANET Carbon Offset

1PLANET IS NEW TO THE APP STORE, GIVE IT A TRY! Unlike most climate action apps 1PLANET is connected to a larger platform and marketplace for added functionality and benefits for merchants. 1PLANET also uses blockchain technology for immediate transparency and verification of the carbon offsetting.

Engage your customers to do their part to solve the climate crisis while improving your brand and reducing your climate impact. Many shoppers say they prefer to purchase from companies that have made public commitments to sustainability goals such as reducing carbon emissions that cause climate change.

The 1PLANET Carbon Offset App for Shopify enables merchants to provide a seamless and transparent offsetting solution for their carbon footprint from product shipping and packaging.

1PLANET offers superior transparency and carbon accounting by utilizing our blockchain-based technology. Customers receive immediate verification about the climate project(s) and carbon offset(s) used while being educated about the climate solutions they support.

This Shopify app is connected to our larger 1PLANET eco-system that creates a positive economy for climate action. By using our Shopify app/plugin you will also benefit from our separate 1PLANET Marketplace in-app advertising for partners which can drive new eco-conscious consumers to your store. (See our website for more information on the 1PLANET Marketplace app.)

You will have the option of viewing all your store offsetting transactions in your own 1PLANET Marketplace account, and to also use the built-in carbon calculators to estimate and offset other business activities like energy use, travel, etc. 1PLANET makes it easy to create a more sustainable business and to take verifiable climate action.

At Climate Futures we have worked around the world for 20 years with businesses and climate projects to reduce carbon emissions. 1PLANET builds on this expertise and allows us to offer more than just a Shopify app. By joining our 1PLANET community your business can do more to help the environment and use our experience to manage your entire carbon footprint.

For our business partners, 1PLANET turns a perceived cost into a competitive advantage and financial benefit by enabling businesses to offer more climate-friendly products, services, and shipping to their customers. This helps your business meet rising consumer and regulatory demands to embody sustainable values and reduce your company's environmental impact on the planet.

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Joan + Joe Coffee

We easily installed this app for our eco-conscious coffee business. I wasn't sure why my local pickup didn't work and the support team solved it for me immediately. It was just a setting I didn't select on the product. The design is unobtrusive but effective. The projects supported by 1PLANET to lower the carbon footprint look great. We're excited to be a part of this!