Quick Redirect

Quick Redirect


Geo Redirects ,Bulk Fix 404/301 Redirect , Broken Link

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Automatic Link Tracking

Any 404 link errors are automatically tracked and alerted to the store owner in realtime. The tool tracks keywords that have no results

Bulk Link Editing and Import

An easier way to resolve 404 errors via Bulk Edit/Import/Export Functionality. It would help manage multiple links at one go and save time.

Location-Based Redirection

Restrict access for visitors from specific regions with a custom Title and banner text. You can also redirect them to an external site.

Quick Redirect 정보

While running an online store, you may have set up new product pages and remove obsolete pages frequently. So, it is common to occasionally run into 404 pages or 301 redirect warnings. 301 redirect may cause minor inconvenience to your customer’s shopping experience but a 404 can spoil it and hamper your site rankings. So, it is important to address these issues as soon as possible. Our 301/404 Link Redirect Manager allows you to resolve such issues from a single place. Available with bulk URL redirect functionality, it becomes easy for you to redirect multiple links in Shopify from a CSV file. The tool also automatically tracks 404 errors and alerts in realtime for any new page errors.

User-friendly Dashboard

  • Once installed, the tool dashboard shows all errors and 404 warnings in a single view.

Easy 301 redirects

  • Users can easily identify and rectify the 301 redirects from an independent section. The 404 pages detected by the tool can be bulk edited to be automatically redirected or you can bulk delete the selected 301 URL redirects from here.

Automatic 404 tracker

  • Any 404 links are automatically added to the list after tool installation and the list is updated whenever a user encounters a broken link. By using our tool, you'll start discovering search terms of what your customers are looking for, but are not on your website or have no results. With the tool, you can easily create redirects to similar pages, collections, or products on your store, or add appropriate replacement that prevents the visitors from abandoning their search. This way you can choose the target URL you want to redirect someone when that keyword is searched next time

Location-based Redirect

  • Users can redirect store visitors to specialized pages based on the location. This feature can also be used to block access to specific pages for visitors from certain locations. Visitors from such locations would be displayed a customized title and text. You can also use the tool to redirect the visitor to an external site or to another page on your site.

Mobile-friendly admin panel

  • The tool is optimized to be run from mobile devices also. You can access the tool from any iOS or Android device.

Bulk Edit/Import

  • You can easily resolve multiple 301/404 Errors via the easy bulk edit/import/export functionality. Users have the ability to quickly and easily import URLs to 301

Broken Link Checker

  • Instead of manually searching for broken or missing links, our tool can automatically track your customers’ search terms that have no results and you can set up the redirects for such empty results pages. You can see when an actual visitor hits a broken link in real-time.

Tool Support

Our team of developers provide support for every stage of the app integrations .

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  • support@qeretail.com

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Montly Charge


또는 연당 $29.50 로 $2.46/월 청구

  • Unlimited 301,404,Search 404 Redirects
  • Location Based Redirects and Blocking
  • Unlimited 404 Broken link check
  • Bulk Edit/Delete/Import/Export

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