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Shipping eCommerce parcels from China to the whole world!

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200+ Destination From China

100% plug and play economic eCom-logistic solution, with visible tracking, stable lead-time (e.g. 2.5USD+ from China to UK, about 3-5 days).

Worldwide Fulfillment

We are operating 350,000 sq. meters B2C fulfillment centers in UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and China (HK and Mainland).

Live for X-border eCommerce

We processed more than 1.3 million eCom-parcels from China every day for 300,000 sellers of marketplaces, online stores, brand companies.

À propos de 4PX ‑ Shipping

The App, 4PX - Shipping, is...

  1. Fully integrated with 4PX Shipping system;
  2. Providing shipping solution of covering more than 220 countries and areas;
  3. A plug & play solution for using all 4PX solutions.

We can help you to...

  1. Ship from China to the whole world;
  2. Ship from USA, EU, Japan, and Australia to China by eCommerce solution;
  3. Ship from local in fulfillment centers in USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, and China;
  4. Build efficient online after-sales with professional returns solution.

Intro of 4PX

4PX is an international logistic company living for eCommerce. With a history of 15 years in eCommerce logistics, we are serving more than 300,000 eSellers all around the world, with our innovative solution of F.I.R.S.T (Fulfillment, IT & Integration, Returns, Shipping, Trans-shipping).

The FIRST solution, combined together, created a completed eCommerce logistic closed-loop, from pick-up network, warehousing, bonded zone logistics, fulfillment, parcel sorting, consolidation, postal packet, express delivery, trans-shipping, drop-shipping, air-freight, sea-freight, customs clearance, locker-grid, last-mile network, returns-management, repairing service, to reverse logistics.

To ensure the controllability of the entire FIRST loop, we are operating 4PX owned 30+ fulfillment, forwarding, and consolidation centers in Great China Area, North America, Australia, East Asia, Europe. So that 4PX can process a daily shipping volume of 200,000+ fulfillment orders, and 500,000+ consolidation parcels, and 6,000,000+ direct injection packages.

4PX, For Perfect X-border.

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Installation gratuite

Additional Charges are various, depending on shipping solution.

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It does not work at all after installing, broken Chinese page appears after install and that's it, can't click anywhere to connect it. Try many browswers