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20. juli 2021

As an accountant and E-commerce business owner, I've been looking for ways to streamline the data entry into Xero, and A2X has been very impressive. I used to manually adjust and import invoices and then spend a fair amount of time manually reconciling. After a bit of set up, mainly learning the software and being comfortable that it works and posts items as i would like (we group certain SKUs into 'tracking' codes in xero so we can have a split by product type on our reports), it is now a breeze to reconcile the daily payouts into our accounts. VAT is easily dealt with and reclaimed where appropriate, i've even added a second subscription to deal with the evil that is ebay managed payments!!! That in itself is worth the total subscription fee alone - and of course all ebay sales are automatically coded to 'Ebay sales' tracking code. We are looking to use it with our clients too, and it can account for marketplace sales such as Klarna/paypal and code them to a control account, assisting further with the reconciliation! Overall, the $19 per connection represents great value, and even if it saves you an hour or so, it should prove its value, especially as your business grows

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1. oktober 2021

I have been manually recording each transaction in QBO from shopify for over a year. Until I hired this bookkeeping service company and they introduced me to A2X, everything just gets connected and saved me hours of my time.

Cirka 2 måneder bruger appen
25. marts 2022

A2X fully integrates well with Shopify and Xero that make us check the transaction/ revenue / cost easily. The setup is also easy and fast.

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SAR Hongkong
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A2X Software Limited svarede 29. maj 2022

Thank you! We appreciate your review here and spreading the good word about A2X.

We are glad to hear that you are happy with our Shopify integration and that the setup went smoothly.

If you will ever need any assistance with our software, there is a support team of amazing individuals eager to help you. We are just a click away, based around the world, easy to talk to, and very supportive. :)

22. november 2021

Out of all the apps to connect to quickbooks, This was the best and easiest to use. Great interface and great support.

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23. august 2022

Great app. Works really well for our retail business and saves a lot of bookkeepers time by including the product sales, sales tax, discounts refunds etc. Maps well with our chart of accounts. Customer support is also fantastic and very helpful if you have questions or are working to get everything set up. I recommend this app.

Last Chance Liquors
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A2X Software Limited svarede 28. august 2022

Thank you so much for your review of A2X. We really appreciate and value your time and support. Saving time with reliable, accurate, automated ecommerce accounting is what we do best and we aim to provide a solution that is efficient but easy for everyone! Thank you for mentioning our amazing support team, we strive to always provide a gold standard service with helpful, available support. Thank you.

Redigeret 3. marts 2021

I was recommended to try A2X to sync payments to my accounting software. I reached out to A2X and they guided me through the install and all technical questions.
I couldn't be happy with the automation from one platform to another and the team support from A2X.

Blinds Downunder
Cirka en måned bruger appen
4. oktober 2019

The app works exactly as advertised and creates all the entries we need to match deposits in the bank with shopify payouts.

Bertrand Block
Cirka en måned bruger appen
22. september 2021

Love this app and the smooth automation to bring Shopify transactions into QuickBooks. Support is fantastic too as we had a number of unique configuration issues which A2X promptly addressed and resolved for us. Highly recommend.

Cirka en måned bruger appen
17. maj 2022

I'm not quite sure how I ever thought I had a handle on my accounting before A2X. If you're not using it already, give it a try and you will kick yourself for not using it sooner. My accountants had never seen it before but are now recommending to all of their e-commerce clients. Worth every penny.

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A2X Software Limited svarede 29. maj 2022

Thank you for your kind support and we are also excited we found each other :)

Here in A2X, we strongly believe in a supportive, uplifting environment, be it in our own teams or with our customers - we wish to nurture a space where all of us support those things that work and highlight those that don't so we can make them better.

We believe it is really important to create a community where all of us can benefit from each other's experience and tackle the world of e-commerce accounting easy as a breeze.

Thanks for joining us!

3. marts 2021

As an E-commerce/bookkeeper, I cannot emphasize more how essential this app is. I always introduce my new clients to this app even if it entailed extra cost -- it's all worth it. The ability to fetch sales from Shopify/Walmart/Amazon and accurately post this to QBO, and the ease of reconciling them is quite magical. Ecommerce bookkeepers, accountants, there is nothing else like A2X. Get it!

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