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12. april 2021

i love this software! works great for all my ecomm needs! I sell on walmart, amazon, shopify etc so i finally have a good way to integrate this to Xero for accounting through a2x

RAWHYD Leather Co.
19 dage bruger appen
6. januar 2023

I'm still only in my first month of using the app, but I am impressed with their customer service. I had some questions about how my payouts were being displayed and broken out, and customer service replied to my questions via chat really quickly, even during the holiday period. Kim was first to jump in, and then Jessica was also really helpful with thoroughly looking into my concerns and providing ample explanations with supporting images and documents. I appreciate them taking the time to patiently explain things and make sure I understood how the tool works. Look forward to using A2X more in the future.

17 dage bruger appen
A2X Software Limited svarede 11. januar 2023

Thank you so much for your feedback, it really is greatly appreciated. We are especially excited when we see the names of our brilliant customer support teammates being mentioned. Both Kim and Jessica are both vital members of our team, their knowledge, expertise, kindness, and perseverance are to be admired! We are very excited to be working alongside you and look forward to doing so long into the future.

15. juli 2023

I'm just learning QBO and A2X is just amazing. I can't be happier with the support and how easy it works for allowing my payouts to reconcile with the deposits in my bank. It makes bookkeeping fun, not a nightmare. There's a reason why ecommerce business's rely on A2X. Very happy customer over here!!!!

Sam's Original Art
16 dage bruger appen
A2X Software Limited svarede 10. august 2023

Thank you! It's so great to hear that customers can find the ease of A2X making their bookkeeping fun! We hope to be able to support you long into the future and once again, thank you for your review. You made our whole team smile!

20. december 2019

This app is excellent for transferring data straight to quickbooks, a couple of clicks and your done

16 dage bruger appen
15. juni 2023

Great product, once setup it saves so much time/makes life a lot easier! Customer support is amazing..easy 5 STARS!!

Redline Finish
11 dage bruger appen
A2X Software Limited svarede 10. august 2023

Thank you for your review. We love hearing of 5-star experiences and we're super happy to hear our Customer Support team has been amazing. Thanks again, we greatly appreciate feedback like this :)

27. august 2020

I needed an app that would help me to connect to Quickbooks online, and to Shopify on the backend. A2X really helped me and was instrumental in tracking my various purchases and sales tax transfers over to Quickbooks. This is a great app--highly recommended!

Modern Soul Records
7 dage bruger appen
Redigeret 7. januar 2020

I was super excited to use this app as it was supposed to sync COGS and I can't find any QBO syncing apps that do that.

But really it does not. What it does, is it allows you to upload all of the costs for your products with a CSV file. So anytime you need to update a cost or add a new product, you have to update it A2X also. I'd rather just make a weekly or monthly COGS entry than deal with that.

On top of that, the template you're supposed to use links to the SKU. Well if you use the SKU as an address in your warehouse and not as a unique identifier than that does not help you.

*Update: I've got to up my rating to 5 stars just simply for the customer service. They're wanting to set up meetings with me to discuss how exactly they could develop the app to meet my needs. That's pretty awesome.

I did decide to go with another app and am already invested in using it. But, I will definitely keep A2X in mind for the future.

Earrings by Emma
4 dage bruger appen
A2X Software Limited svarede 6. januar 2020

Hi Emma,

Thank you for leaving a review. Sorry to hear you have not found A2X helpful for Syncing COGS. Cost of Goods Sold is a feature in A2X that will calculate the total cost of the products you sell on Shopify for each settlement period and send the transaction to your accounting system so that you can correctly record the changes in inventory and cost of sales. This will give you an accurate view of your gross profitability and margins directly in your financial reports. COGS is only one of many features that A2X can offer you. A2X will ensure you bring in all the Sales and Fees, that will reconcile to the amount paid to you. I would be more than happy to get on a call with you to better understand the problem you are having with the COGS feature and to discuss how A2X can accurately automate your Shopify accounting.

11. maj 2020

This is a must have not a nice to have application. It makes bookkeeping so much simpler. Using a2x with xero is the only way to go to keep your accounting in order. highly recommend it.

Coveted Gift
3 dage bruger appen
26. maj 2020

Very easy to use and has saved me a lot of time with reconciliations, no errors or discrepancies, very happy :)

Cactus Outdoor
New Zealand
Cirka 22 timer bruger appen
14. december 2021

Super easy integration and set up across multiple channels - hopefully performance continues in the same nature.

Cirka 22 timer bruger appen