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2. marts 2021

A2X is an excellent add on. I run an outsourced accounting business and use it for all my clients who use Shopify and Xero. As opposed to importing each individual invoice like some add ons which is a nightmare to reconcile, it imports daily takings summaries into Xero (with full invoice detail report attached) as sales invoices by payment method i.e. Shopify, Paypal, Afterpay, etc. GST is dealt with accurately. A2X massively speeds up the reconciliation process. There is a bit of learning in set up but definitely worth the time spent.

Næsten 3 år bruger appen
9. april 2021

Such a helpful app, helps keep everything where it should be and is accurate and easy to use! Saves time as well.

Mere end 2 år bruger appen
23. september 2021

Sulde Global Inc. uses A2X to plug into Amazon and Shopify to import data into Xero. It is great automated tool to make Accounting efficient and easy. Highly Recommended!

Sulde Global
Mere end 2 år bruger appen
27. november 2020

When starting a clothing brand we never thought of how annoying it would be manually inputting all of the specific data from our Shopify store. A2X has saved us SOOO much time now that it does it all for us.

Hollow Heart Apparel
Mere end 2 år bruger appen
31. august 2021

Fab app and has saved us so many headaches. Great integration and on the occasion when we have needed support the team has been very knowledgeable and responsive. Thanks a2xx - our accountants love you too!

Crafty Wholesale Limited
Mere end 2 år bruger appen
9. maj 2020

We use A2X for 5 different Shopify storefronts and Amazon Seller Central. After years of frustrating workarounds to get all of these sales and expenses recorded correctly in our accounting program, A2X was the solution we needed. Simply put: it just works.

Highly recommended if you are looking for detailed reporting of your Shopify sales and expenses. Be aware that you'll need to invest some upfront time in setup, but their support team is very hands-on and helpful.

Mere end 2 år bruger appen
12. oktober 2020

Very easy to use. Great support service. It was very easy for me to integrate all platforms.
I would recommend A2X to any e-commerce business.

Mere end 2 år bruger appen
27. september 2021

We already used A2X for syncing our Amazon sales to Xero before they announced that they would be integrating with Shopify. It has always worked well for us on Amazon and the Shopify integration is equally brilliant. Before, we had to choose between services that synced every order and customer into Xero (massively clogging up and slowing down our accounting software) or alternatively spending hours manually going through payout reports to create invoices for each batch of transactions. A2X now does this automatically for us with just a quick glance over the numbers to make sure they add up. A2X uses the second method by the way, which means no clogging up the system. Reconciliation is easy and so is defining the account nominals for each shop or tax type. If you use Shopify and Xero this will save you hours every month.

Mistral Cleaning Products
Mere end 2 år bruger appen
3. marts 2021

Have been using this for half a year now, and still very happy. Support team is very helpful, and the app does precisely what it says on the tin. I researched several competitor options before choosing A2X, and bang for buck this is the best one.

Pearl Of My Heart USA
De Forenede Arabiske Emirater
Cirka 2 år bruger appen
6. december 2021

Setting up my account was simple and easily simplified my weekly accounting tasks. Setting a couple rules in a2x + xero means that all my orders (1-time & subscription) and refunds for Shopify stores are automatically tracked and logged for my biz's book keeping appropriately. Honestly perplexed how this isn't native to Xero's offering.

Bessie Box
Cirka 2 år bruger appen