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7 de noviembre de 2023

We have used A2X for over two years now and cannot fault their service. The App is very simple to use and configure. The time savings are incredible. We have been very lucky to deal with Victoria from day one who has always supported us, ensured the app is running correctly and been able to resolve quickly and efficiently any of our queries. The support chat is also great, there is always a speedy and helpful response from the team. Would highly recommend A2X.

Reino Unido
Alrededor de 2 años usando la aplicación
26 de octubre de 2023

Shopify and Amazon settlements are complicated, especially for high-volume businesses with $1M+ across multiple channels. I used to have to reconcile settlements by hand using pivot tables to manipulate 50k lines of data in my CSVs. Now that is automated! It's a game-changer.

But even when things are still complicated (like reconciling merchant fees on Shopify's other payment gateways), the A2X support staff are EXPERTS who figured it all out already! They know exactly how things will land in my accounting, how account mapping should be set up, and trained us on monthly reconciliation workflows that make this so much easier! They have been exceedingly patient as I have followed along, taking notes, so that I can train my bookkeepers how to do this. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Valley Food Storage
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 1 año usando la aplicación
18 de octubre de 2023

A2X does in five minutes what used to take me hours of time--parsing and manipulating Amazon and Shopify settlements for our eCommerce businesses. These things are increasingly complicated and the more your business sells, the bigger and more time consuming these entries and reconciliations become. A2X takes the hassle out of this and is truly one of the most valuable automations we have! Their customer service is fantastic and makes getting the system set up so much easier. If we ever have trouble we know they are just a click away and will respond quickly.

Cuddle Clones
Estados Unidos
5 meses usando la aplicación
A2X Software Limited respondió 30 de noviembre de 2023

Your review here should be rated with 5 stars - too bad we don't have option to do that ;)

We can't tell you how much we appreciate what you have written here. It just paints the whole picture so well and absolutely warms our hearts!

"A2X does in five minutes what used to take me hours of time" - that exactly the idea - to save you hours of manual work while automating processes and providing highest accuracy possible, so that you can invest that time into other exciting things. The software is designed to grow and scale with you, and we are all working passionately to continuously improve our solutions based on your feedback and needs.

And we truly are just a click a way, at all corners of the world and absolutely dedicated to assisting you with anything you need. We appreciate you and your support very much. Thanks again!

28 de septiembre de 2023

A2X support team are so helpful. They have provided new functions/enhancements for me many times. Response times are very good. All the data that is available is sent to Xero. The only gripes re data are when Amazon or Shopify don't provide decent data, so it is not something that A2X could do anything about. I will continue to use them and recommend them for feeds to Xero.

Ruka: Marketplace
Reino Unido
8 meses usando la aplicación
A2X Software Limited respondió 30 de noviembre de 2023

We absolutely love working with you! The way our software expands, and the way the expertise of our support team enhances is through working closely with customers like you. We learn a lot from each integration and onboarding, and your feedback or requests for enhancements makes it possible to us to tailor our software and make it better.

Our biggest passion is sharing all that knowledge with anyone who wants to learn, and gather new insights and expertise from anyone who wants to share :)

Thank you for trusting us and supporting us so kindly!

21 de noviembre de 2023

The A2X product works very well and bridges the gap between our large volume of Shopify transactions and QBO. The set up is complicated but the team of A2X experts has been with us all the way - and each time the person assisting us is actually an expert who can answer all of our questions. As our number of payment gateways and volume increases, A2X has been a life saver. Shout out to Manuela who went down every rabbit hole with us and showed us how everything works under the surface - she's great!

Amigo Provisions Company
Estados Unidos
6 meses usando la aplicación
27 de noviembre de 2023

Good day.....I absolutely highly recommend A2X!! For any accountant that manages ecommerce ERPs using all sales channels, this is a must have!!! And their customer service is Top Notch. Great Company, Great Support, Great Service!!!!!

Okayplayer Shop
Estados Unidos
Más de 1 año usando la aplicación
24 de octubre de 2023

Highly recommended A2X. Kate from the support team was always very helpful and friendly. Really appreciated all your support.

Naked Foods
Casi 3 años usando la aplicación
24 de septiembre de 2023

A2X provides a simple and effective way of filing and keeping track of all our accounts, it has been very useful. The support team is extremely helpful, Jessica was very quick to offer help and was able to make time for us when needed. All in all A2X goes to great lengths to ensure a high quality of service.

Reino Unido
4 meses usando la aplicación
A2X Software Limited respondió 30 de noviembre de 2023

Thank you so much for sharing your view of A2X and our support team. We appreciate you and we are grateful for your support.

Our goal is simplifying e-commerce accounting processes while ensuring all of our customers receive top notch support at all times. And it means a world to us to read about your experience, as it perfectly aligns with what we wish to achieve. Jess is a brilliant expert and we are glad you got to experience her amazing assistance!

27 de octubre de 2023

I am a new user of A2X and have had the pleasure of working with Nicole on the onboarding for my client onto the A2X platform. The A2X certification process was easy to understand and very informative as to how it can streamline the data migration from Shopify to QBO. The next step was working with Nicole on the set up, which we were able to work through in less than 2 hours. After that, I'm up and running and loving how easy it makes recording our revenue and COGS transactions at the desired level of detail.

Estados Unidos
11 días usando la aplicación
5 de septiembre de 2023

I recently had the pleasure of working with Jessica Danford from the A2X support team, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the level of service I received.

From the get-go, Jessica was incredibly attentive and proactive in resolving the mapping issues I was facing. What stood out to me was her commitment to ensuring that my query was fully resolved. She didn't just provide a one-time solution; she followed up consistently to make sure everything was running smoothly on my end.

In instances where immediate attention was required, Jessica went above and beyond by scheduling emergency calls to address the issues. This level of dedication and customer service is rare and highly commendable.

I am extremely grateful for the support and assistance I've received from A2X, and especially from Jessica. Your team is doing an incredible job, and I couldn't recommend A2X more highly!

Thank you for making my experience so positive. Keep up the excellent work!

Glassworks London
Reino Unido
Alrededor de 2 meses usando la aplicación
A2X Software Limited respondió 30 de noviembre de 2023

Wow! These are the kind of reviews that make all of us smile. Reading about your overall experience, and such a beautiful feedback for Jessica, who deserves all the praise and appreciation possible - we wish to thank you for sharing your kind words and supporting us.

The commitment you described is a value that we consistently nurture throughout A2X - it is the way all teams operate, and having it recognized through your words means a lot to us all.

We are very grateful for a chance to work with you, learn from eachother and smooth out any bumps that might appear on the road. We are in this together, and nothing can stop us if we stay that way :)