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Abandon Aid

Abandon Aid

Developed by Coolence

204 reviews
Price: $10.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Simple - No complicated configuration or campaigns!
  • Powerful - Instant order recovery notification!
  • Smart - Real-time order analysis technology!

Imagine this scenario

A customer finds a great product in your shop and they have every intention of buying it. When they get to the final checkout page they have second thoughts. Maybe they couldn't find their credit card or had to step away from their computer. This is where Abandon Aid comes into the picture. Without you needing to do anything Abandon Aid will email the customer a short while later reminding them of their order and asking them to come back to complete it. This works really, really well!

Why you need this app

Abandon Aid will save you time and make you money. A personalized email to prospective customers is highly effective in recovering orders and best when sent in a timely manner. Abandon Aid takes care of all of this for you.

Competing abandoned order recovery apps ask you to choose between plans based on how many emails you want to be sent. Abandon Aid always offers unlimited emails for every shop! Competing apps also ask you to set up complicated and confusing "campaigns" in order to start recovering orders. Abandon Aid instead focuses on recovering orders in the simplest and most effective way possible. Recovery statistics are available for the last month of orders.

Abandon Aid reviews

204 reviews
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App works well, but I am looking for abandoned cart emails with more design features.


It's an excellent app that is very easy to use. It does what it does in a reliable way by letting you know who has abandon their cart. You can send automated messages at various intervals that you choose.
I use it on www.techmalak.ca with no problems as of this review.


So far so good. It's been effective and well worth the purchase. It has a positive effect on my business and that' what matters most to me.


Great app for an e-commerce site like ours. super easy to configure. However lack of better email customization options make it a bit less usable.


its cool but not accurate , i got an email from coolence saying that one item were recovered but there were no email sent out to the customer using Abandon aid app , the customer just processed checking out before the one hour window and before receiving the automated email


So my immediate reaction after installing this app was a bit disappointing. But read on and I'll explain myself. The default email is really plain..So if you want to change it, you need to either have some HTML knowledge or figure it out. I did the latter. I found an HTML editor (I used quackit which is designed for people to just create a page and then copy and paste out the code - really easy) and I read the abandon aid FAQ.I am really happy with my email now. Testing in a live environment with actual data is a bit tricky because you have to keep waiting an hour and have to be careful what you did within that hour which might cause the email not to go out. It can get confusing! Don't be put off by that, just keep it in mind.
I do wish I could pull in the cart and show images of the product though. That would be fancy. To do this I would have to spend another $50 per month to upgrade my shopify account and use another app on top of it .....so for the cost of doing that vs the abandon aid solution, abandon aid :)


I have had this app for a week and saved two abandoned orders... great app!!

$10.00 / month
7 days

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