SMS Marketing & Engagement

SMS Marketing & Engagement


Automate your SMS marketing, drive conversions, & grow ROI

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Sell smart with automated SMS

Automate targeted customer engagement at key points of purchase journey such as paused checkout & order confirmation, to drive sales

Assess with micro segmentation

With reliable data and a TCPA/GDPR compliant subscription list, you can know and analyse your customers at an individual and personal level

Scale with marketing analytics

Get real-time analytics and performance reports on SMS click rates and conversion rates, to help you learn, grow & scale exponentially

SMS Marketing & Engagement 정보

Appstle SMS marketing and engagement marketing automation helps you do SMS marketing and targeted customer engagements, the right, scalable, and profitable way.

The app comes packed with the most sought out features such as

  • Website pop-ups to build a TCPA/GDPR compliant subscribers list
  • Highly customizable customer engagement automation at key decision making and purchase journey checkpoints
  • Structured and easy to use data of subscribers and SMS (past and scheduled SMSs), to understand and analyze your customers’ profiles and behavior
  • Detailed and real-time analytics on the performance of your marketing and customer engagement campaigns

The app is offered at compelling price points, across different pricing tiers, to meet the needs and growth trajectory of all merchants.

The app is backed with world-class service experts who are available 24x7x365, to help you be successful.

Key Features:

GDPR/TCPA compliant subscriber list

Appstle helps you collect your subscribers' details (through pop-ups) during different points of the purchase journey - on website landing and product pages, as well as at checkout, across all devices. The app also has an in-built mechanism to automatically create and manage your subscribers’ list in a ready-to-use format

SMS marketing and engagement automation

Staying on top of your customers’ mind is both an art and a science! Appstle helps you do this right, by providing you the choice to engage with your customers at multiple checkpoints. Some of the most in-demand and conversion heavy checkpoints are new customer registration, first time order, and abandoned cart! Appstle provides automated notification options across all of these, and more!

Customization and personalization

While Appstle provides default messaging for marketing and engagement, you - the merchant, have complete control to customize and modify the notifications, to best suit your store and customer profiles.

Micro-segment and segment-of-one analysis

Every customer is unique, and can be a separate segment! Appstle’s in-built tools enable you to smartly categorize your SMS subscribing customers into insightful personas and segments, based on their profiles and shopping behavior, to target them with the most relevant offers.

In-depth and real-time analytics for continuous improvement

Analyze the performance of all of your SMS notifications by assessing their customer click rates and conversion rates, to knowledgeably iterate. Scale, with the best ROI

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  • Up to 25 SMS



  • Up to 500 SMS



  • Up to 2000 SMS



  • Up to 5000 SMS

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Great free app, perfect for abandoned checkout - support replied instantly to my questions. They have promised to add lot more features in upcoming weeks.