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Abandoned Orders Recovering

Abandoned Orders Recovering

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Price: $39.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Prevent cart abandonment for a FIXED PRICE
  • Send unlimited email notifications to your customers about abandoned checkouts
  • Many more advanced features compared to other apps

Are you looking for a more flexible and affordable solution? Try Abandon App, the #1 Shopify App of all times!

Just imagine up to 70-80% of all orders in Shopify stores are abandoned. How much revenue are you needlessly losing? Is there a way to motivate these customers to come back?

Just prevent cart abandonment with Abandoned Orders Recovering app!

This is how it works: when customers begin to checkout but leave before completing an order, we automatically send an email giving them an undeniable reason to finish what they started.

It helps you connect with hesitant visitors, save tons of time and grow your bottom line by transforming abandoned carts into happy customers.

3 main differences from other similar apps:

  • the possibility to easily configure the app, where the administrator can specify:

    • in what time (in minutes, hours or days) the order is considered to be "abandoned"

    • the number of reminders sent to customer by e-mail

    • the interval in days between sent reminders to customer by e-mail

    • send e-mails to all "abandoned" orders or just for those which are not older than the specified number of days

    • the conditions under which it’s not necessary to send the reminder to customer by e-mail, if he has already made another purchase or the reminder has already been sent for another "abandoned" order

    • send a daily report with statistics about "abandoned" and "recovered" orders

  • the possibility to configure various e-mail templates on different languages for customers from different countries

  • Having the richest functionality among other similar apps, Abandoned Orders Recovering is provided with FIXED PRICE without any tariff plans!

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Abandoned Orders Recovering reviews (10)


Purchased this app with big expectations. I had douzens of abandoned orders but there were no emails sent... Contacted the service and did not get a fast response. I think it is unactive.


This is total plug-and-play and saves me creeping around my orders and copying and pasting individual emails. I can set exactly how aggressive or mellow I want to be with my recovery emails and is definitely worth the money for sound mind and knowing I'm not missing a trick. I even get a daily report on number of abandonments and recoveries.


Thank you for providing an app that I couldn't get with my other e-commerce platform. We know this feature will help us engage with our customers more.

Thank you again! Cheers!


Very versatile capabilities, still testing out but so far so good. Looks neat and cost is not absurdly high, unlike other apps that are similar. Keep up the good work.


Easy to install. Great for the price. I looked at other abandon apps and decided this one was much better than all other apps, even the expensive ones.


super app!!!

easily installed and set up

the first day's recovery got us a $150 in sales. can't argue with that

we highly recommend this app


I've checked out all the other abandoned cart apps, and this one looks like the best. The price is definitely fair - what it should be for an app like this. The functionality also seems great so far. I really like that you can edit how many and when the emails will go out to customers. I've only been using a couple days, so will update soon..


Awesome app. The customization features are great, and it is surely a proven technique to get customers to return and to boost sales. 7 minutes of set-up time and the rest is on auto-pilot, forever!


Great App and easy to modify with pics, headings links etc. Great APP!



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$39.99 / month
7 days

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