Our Story

Our Story


Tell your brand story through an outstanding About Us page

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Easy to install and use

Simple user interface will let you make the most of your landing page

Wide choice of layouts

Choose the best way to tell your story to earn visitor's trust

Add videos to your page

Interpret your brand's story by using spectacular videos and images

有關 Our Story

Turn your About Us page into a powerful marketing tool

Make your About Us page, not just a story but also a powerful tool to make your brand stand out from the other Shopify stores while passing on your message. 1. Stories have universal meanings. Interpret your experience by using spectacular visuals and wide range of text layouts. 2. Make a social proof and earn your customer’s trust by sharing your achievements and goals through our timeline template. 3. Mention your staff members. If you don’t like talking only about your core activities and you would like to focus more on the people behind your brand, this layout is your perfect match. 4. Add videos to your stories.

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  • Create your own About Us, Our Story, Story Telling page using pre-made templates.


每月 $4.99

  • You can use rich-media content to design your own page.

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2.1 5 顆星


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This app is very unstable and often does not work. Tried contacting them several times, even asked Shopify to contact them. No response at all to any of us. Very disappointing, cannot recommend this.


I really enjoy this app! It's not complicated and is not filled with so much stuff that you're not going to use. It is pretty basic but I think that helps to not overload your page with so much content that no one will ever use.


This app has a HORRIBLE customer support! They wont reply for months if you need customization help. Really disappointed