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July 18, 2023

Unfortunately I fell prey to their scam. This app is only partially working. I signed up for a 15 day free trial on July 5th, On July 13th I realized that on two separate occasions they charged me for $11.11 and $13.00. This app has so many problems. And they would actually respond to me at first when I was asking questions about the problems this app has, but as soon as I noticed they were secretly charging me and I brought it up, they stopped responding. They won't issue me a refund or even respond to me after 5 days now. Don't give them a chance to steal your money for a broken app.

In The Bag Cornhole
United States
22 days using the app
Accountify Apps replied July 30, 2023

I am very sorry for the slow response. We have refunded your money and have made changes to how the app charges the user. The 15 day free trial will last even if you start on the start up plan then move over to the growth plan.

August 3, 2021

Unfortunately this app just undercooked. The support was poor and generic. Its a shame as this idea of this app is incredible and it could have a lot of potential. As much as you think its giving you accurate data - It really isn't.. As data links are constantly broken.

Los Lobos Cards
4 months using the app
Accountify Apps replied August 4, 2021

Hi Los Lobos Cards, I have gone through our support communication history just now. It is been noticed you haven't responded to our response that we instantly replied to you. The very basic steps needed were already explained to you by that time but unfortunately, you might not have checked our responses, and that lead to your frustration here.

Please contact us again so we can help you with our best efforts.

Edited November 12, 2022

Nonexisting support. cannot use the app properly, asked for help by help chat, email, and no reply in 2 weeks. have to delete the app. UPDATE: After a year, I decided to give them another go, but nothing changed. The app has bugs and cannot be trusted. Your COG will randomly disappear, shipping charges won't get uploaded, etc. A complete mess. Hope they will refund me as aparently they charge subscription now Update 2: They ghosted me, got a refund with Shopify's help.

Lil Aryenne
About 1 month using the app
Accountify Apps replied July 14, 2022

So sorry for the inconvenience. We were going through a business reorganization at that time and implementing some paid plans so that we can afford to provide better support to our valued customers as it is very difficult providing a free service. We are now focused on providing top notch customer service. Now that we have paid plans all of the money generated is put back into developing that app further and providing the best customer service!

March 31, 2020

Apps looks nice but it says integrates with Oberlo and it doesnt seem like it does. Tried to talk to support for 5 days...no answer.

17 days using the app
Edited February 1, 2020

Old Review > Great App. Tracks data much better than other similar apps. I've tried them all, paid and free, but this one has been the best so far in terms of accuracy. One negative thing is the app takes a while to boot up but nowhere close to a deal breaker and I can't complain because it is 100% free. Customer support (Avery) has been great too so far. Thumbs up

New Review -

No longer functions as intended. Metrics are way off. Net profit, cost is absurdly high all of a sudden. Load times went from annoying to unbearable. Sad, there was so much potential for this app.

Your Story Isn't Over Yet
United States
17 days using the app
Accountify Apps replied March 2, 2020

Hi! We have now resolved this issue you were having with the app not loading. We were actually experiencing high growth which required us to make some adjustments to our servers to handle the increased load. We have made these adjustments and now the app is running smoothly again. Hope to see you soon.