Acobot Virtual Shop Assistant

Acobot Virtual Shop Assistant


Turn your visitors into buyers and keep them coming back

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Engage Visitors

Help your visitors shop, guiding them through your sales funnel using a friendly human touch.

Turn Them into Buyers

Transform those visitors into leads, then buyers, using behavior-based, personalized messages.

Keep Them Coming Back

Keep your customers coming back for more through lifetime engagement and re-marketing.

Acobot Virtual Shop Assistant 정보

Hello! I'm Aco, AI for e-commerce.

I can help you if you are facing the following e-commerce challenges:

  • Low Conversion Rate: Most of your visitors leave without buying.

  • High Cart Abandonment Rate: Many of your shopping carts are abandoned.

  • Slow Email List Growth: Few shoppers sign up, even with the use of popups.

  • Fruitless Email Marketing: Newsletters bring minimal results. Or, your newsletter is not set up at all.

I will resolve your toughest e-commerce problems with the following innovative features.

Conversion Optimization

  • Product Discovery: Increase product page views by helping your visitors find what they want.
  • Shopping Wizard: Boost checkouts by assisting visitors shop and giving incentive offers .
  • Instant Answer: Optimize conversion by answering customer questions based on your web pages.

Lead Generation

  • Grow your email list faster by capturing leads thorough the whole shopping process.

Cart Recovery

  • Recover more abandoned carts using emails that are composed and sent by AI.

Email Marketing

  • Get even more orders through behavior based, highly personalized email marketing.

Wary of new tools?

I understand, many technologies require much time and money:

  • Time: New tools often require a great deal of time to set up.
  • Skills: Success often depends on your copywriting and design abilities.
  • Money: If you see no results, you’re often told to hire an expert.
  • Black boxes: Still no luck? It’s time to A/B test, which means more time, skills and money.

That is not the way it should be!

If you hire me, I will do all the work for you and you will just get increased sales.

  • Setup: A wizard you will guide you through the setup in 15 minutes or less.
  • Creation: I will create all the contents, from conversations to emails, so you don't have to.
  • Design: I will determined when to do what, do you don't have to.
  • Optimization: I constantly optimize the performance so no A/B test is needed.

It couldn't be easier!

Give ma a try and I will increase your sales like never before:

  • I capture more sales leads in comparison to forms.
  • The shoppers who interact with me are more likely to check out.
  • I can increase your sales significantly.

Add Acobot app to your store now!

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가장 최근 리뷰

Mi Despensa Artesanal

I just installed it and it seems to me that it is a good application, although it could be better if they integrated the option to adapt the language according to the region. since, for example, it would not work for me at the moment, since my clients are Spanish-speaking. It would be great if the application could detect the language of the client and could adapt the different tools that make up the application.


Genius. Very clever. It looks and works better on mobile sites in my opinion but the desktop version is great too. I greatly appreciate the "we make money when you do" pricing concept. Very fair. Great job, and thumbs up!


It worked like a charm! At beginning I though it didn't work well with mobile but after checking with their support (they responded in a prompt & helpful manner BTW) and got to know it interacts with mobile users and desktop users in totally different manners. Amazing it captures so many sales leads. It's hard for people to say nope when a bot asks them for email address softly ;-) So far so good!