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15. Dezember 2020

Non existent customer service, have been messaging their live chat and also their contact form with not a single reply for weeks. I see no benefit or use for this app or developer

Etwa ein monat mit der App hat geantwortet 15. Dezember 2020

Hello Pupnaps,
Thanks for sharing your review and feedback. We are extremely sorry that we missed your chat. We give high priority to our customer's experience. We will be sending an email shortly to help you with the issue you are having. ~Hari Das, Logify Support Team

Bearbeitet am 12. April 2023

Not useful. Does not log all staff members activity. Also is useless for theme changes. We work with several developers across more than 20 Shopify sites and we were hoping we would be able to see specific changes, with code comparisons to see specifically what was changed and by whom, but all you see is that a theme was changed on such and such a date, nothing more. It doesn't tell you who changed it, nor what code was changed. Useless app for developers.

Torani Syrups
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa ein monat mit der App hat geantwortet 28. Oktober 2023

We appreciate your valuable feedback. The "staff logs" category designed to monitor staff activities, including those of the developers. At times, the functionality of staff logs might be affected when specific websites or URLs are restricted by corporate firewalls. Our application is not primarily intended for tracking developer activities though.

We are dedicated to continuous enhancement of the application. Please feel free to explore the latest version of the app and let us know if it meets your requirement.