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What is Acumbamail?

Acumbamail is an email marketing, newsletters and transactional email tool. It provides a complete suite of tools related with marketing automation. Tools such as templates editor, distribution lists, subscription forms and email marketing campaigns will make your life easier while marketing your business.

What does Acumbamail application provide?

Our application will help you to integrate your users with your Acumbamail distribution lists, so interested customers can subscribe by themselves using a simple form that will be seamlessly integrated in your online store.

Then, you can use Acumbamail to notify your customers about new products, special promotions, key dates (such as black friday and christmas) and an endless etcetera.

Besides, we will allow you to synchronize your products with Acumbamail, in such a way that you will be able to use our email editor and add your products directly in your templates.

This application will also provide integration with the Acumbamail automations. These automations are workflows that our customers will be able to create using a simple to use editor. Then, the shopify application will allow you to detect, keep track and take actions related to the events of abandon carts, visited products, first buyers etc.


This app will allow you to use different Acumbamail features within your shopify shop. In order to use all these functionalities you need to own an Acumbamail Account.

These features include:

Syncing your products into Acumbamail. Using our template editor will allow you to include products from your shop directly into your emails or newsletters.

Syncing buyers into Acumbamail. Once you install our app into your store, a distribution list associated with your store will be created. If you enable buyers synchronization feature, Acumbamail will keep an updated list of buyers so you can send them newsletters in order to promote new products or offers your customer might be interested in.

Integrate Acumbamail forms within your store. Acumbamail customers are allowed to create different types of forms (popup forms, footer forms, side forms etc.). Acumbamail app will allow you to seamlessly integrate one form of your choice in your shopify store.

Integrate your shopify shop with our automations. We are developing new triggers for our automations. These triggers will include abandon cart and new buyers detection. This will allow you to define automations that will be triggered once the event you are specify occurs.

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