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Developed by Acumy Ltd.

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  • Attract repeat, long term customers that are a natural fit with your business.
  • Zero risk! Only pay fees when customers complete purchases.
  • Delight your customers with relevant offers they will appreciate.

Finding your Perfect Customers through collaborative marketing

The Acumy platform enables non-competing, complementary Shopify businesses to cross promote to each other’s customers. For example, Acumy may match a sports equipment vendor with a nutritional supplements company or a women’s clothing store with a store that sells custom jewelry. This enables each business to get their offer in front of their ideal potential customers at their peak point of interest.

How Acumy finds your Perfect Customers.

Simply choose the product from your Shopify storefront that you want to promote, create a promotional price and Acumy will present your ad on the post-purchase order confirmation page of your partner's storefront to your ideal potential customers and vice versa.

Studies show that immediately following an online purchase, users are at their most receptive to relevant advertisements resulting in higher click-throughs and completed purchases.

Why your Customers will be Delighted.

Given Acumy matches only businesses that are complementary, therefore trying to reach the same profile of customers, you can be assured that any offer your customers are presented with from your partner will be relevant to your customers and therefore will be well received by your customers, making this a truly win-win-win proposition.

Acumy reviews (6)


So far no partners, no nothing. I will be giving this app a few more days before i remove it from my site. Hopefully i didn't waste my time creating offers.


So far no partner no response from them for wasting my time creating offer lets see what happens in couple of days.


Just downloaded and loaded up 3 offers waiting to see how many sales we make!! Platform seems amazing and very easy to use!


Great app.....great support.....simple to use. I highly recommend.


Just downloaded the app and listed some items. Hopefully when the user base grows it will provide an outlet for more users to cross market their items. I am really hoping to get a good use out of this for the upcoming Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Christmas sales! The app runs flawlessly and I have yet to encounter any errors.

Good Job guys!


This concept is brilliant. The app was very easy to use--and the owner of the company even called me to answer all my questions. This company is very user friendly and personable--quite appropriate for a partnership app!


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