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4 september 2021

Worst App ever. We start $59.99 USD plan as we have more than 50k Items in our store. This APP is just a full package of limited knowledge. Not a single big inventory merchant will use this app. They will not give you customized option so that you will not able to match your existing approved item. This app will not give you any customization options. The full function you can get with a simple free app. Zero value for $59.99 USD. The horrible thing is, we do not upload all 50k+ items to Google, We filter via tag /etc. But once you just connect your merchant Center you will have no option. It will start uploading all products. We get disapproved, Warning and account in risk for suspension for this app. We saw first time in 6 years of business that some apps do not get any permission to start such a big upload where some account risk issue is connected. If you have simply more than 100 product then never install this app, It will become a nightmare for you, even in the trial period. This trial is actually a trial of how you can kill your own Google Merchant Account. By saw all the positive reviews we get misleading and forget that this kind of review can be managed nowadays. Any app needs more than 100 reviews to identify actual quality. Within the time they will reply to your email, You may get suspended your Google Merchant Account.

Ungefär en timme användning av appen
AdAmplify Corp. svarade 8 september 2021

Thank you for your feedback. We take all suggestions and critiques seriously and welcome them as an opportunity to improve our Shopify apps.

We regret that your experience was not a positive one. We were investigating the issues you reported (at 3:00 pm PT on Saturday) when you uninstalled our app approx. 30 minutes after emailing us. We would have been happy to assist you if we had had the opportunity to do so.

We have merchants with over 50,000 SKUs and others with online revenues in excess of $6 million. Based on feedback from our customers, we automated the interaction with the Google Merchant Center as much as possible, including initiating the upload when the merchant completes our configuration step. On review, we have decided to add a step for user confirmation before starting the upload, per your suggestion.

In our experience, it’s not easy for merchants to predetermine whether their products meet Google’s guidelines. Uploading their products is the only definitive way for merchants to establish whether their products will be approved or could potentially cause an account suspension.

You claim your account was disapproved and that our app creates a risk that merchant accounts could be suspended by automatically starting a large product upload to Google. Our logs show that although some of your products were disapproved, your account was not suspended.

Site deficiencies and/or products in violation of Google’s policies, not the app uploading them, are what cause account suspensions. To make the whole process more transparent Google recently upgraded their review process to allow merchants the time to correct any product issues they flag, prior to account suspension.

To help merchants through this process, our app has several built-in safeguards to handle product disapprovals and to help merchants correct deficiencies prior to re-submitting the products. It also provides mechanisms to improve the quality of your data feed.

We in fact have had a few merchants whose accounts were suspended due to the nature of their product descriptions or because of deficiencies on their site. We worked closely with them through the review process to correct these so they met Google’s policy requirements.

Finally, our reviews are 100% legitimate, many well earned because of the high level of customer service we provide. I wished we’d had the opportunity to demonstrate that to you.

Again, we appreciate your time in reaching out to us and responding to the email we sent afterwards. Each of your suggestions will be reviewed by our development team.